Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cousin Time in Fresno

Having family around is the best. We have had fun playing with my brother's family this week and having all of our crazy kids together!

was on call three times this week so he barely saw our nieces and nephews that are visiting, which was too bad. But he'll have more time with them this next week. He's tired. But he did have Saturday off, and we hiked to a huge waterfall with my brother's fam and it was a blast. He also made us a fire Saturday night and we had fun having hot dogs and s'mores.

had so much fun having visitors and playing with all these kiddos this week. We went to Sequoia National Park, played at some local parks, picked oranges at an orchard nearby, went on walks, and just had fun watching all these kiddos play together. I woke up to beautiful flowers and yummy treats on Friday for our fifth anniversary and I don't even know when Michael managed to get those or surprise me with them. I feel so lucky to be married to him. He's a great husband and dad and friend.

loves having cousins around! He wakes up asking right away where cousins are, and he has had fun feeling like a big kid lately. He has eaten lunch outside with them each day and feels big being with just the kids. He is way more adventurous when there are lots of kids around.

slept without being swaddled for the first time yesterday and he basically looked like a teenager. How is he getting so big so fast? He's still not too sure about solid food. He has been a terrible sleeper at night, but he has been good at sleeping on the go all week during our full days.

We're excited for another week to play with family!
The whole crew, stopping for our picnic on our waterfall hike! We did between 5 and 6 miles with all these kiddos, they did a great job.

Huge waterfall! You couldn't get very close to it without getting soaked.

Cave on the way to the waterfall.

First unswaddled nap. I just stared at him because he looked 14 to me.

Westin loved the waterfall, then became instantly terrified of it when we came within a certain distance from it.

Popsicle time with cousins.

Bennett loves his Uncle Logan.

Over 100 oranges picked by this crew.

Pajama Party

General Sherman's Tree -- largest in the world by volume.

The largest tree in the world is nothing compared to a stick to play with.

Root Beer Floats and two-year-old conversation.

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