Sunday, April 9, 2017

Into April

had to be on call three times this last week, so that was a bummer. But he lucked out Saturday and after his rounds he ended up not having to go back to the hospital. He had a few calls but nothing that required him to go in, so that felt like extra fun bonus time with him! We went to Chipotle, had fun at home, and he let Westin drive the Corolla up and down our street. We are all so happy when we have dad around. He picked oranges with us again last weekend and we love having lots of those around, too. I love Michael and how hard he works for our family. This week he texted me around 9:45pm Friday from work "All done, heading home. I bought you a Reese's...but I ate it a while ago." He's running on empty but it's the thought that counts :) When work goes that long after long weeks, you can always eat my Reese's.

got caught up and back in routine this week. We made it to the zoo with friends and to a park near our house another day, plus a Sam's Club trip which always makes Westin happy. Right now Bennett sleeps from 9:00 to 11:00 for his morning nap (most days) and then both boys take a nap around 1:30, so we have a short window each day when we get out and play or get things done. I'm completely changing my exercise routine for one month to try and help my ab separation that I've had since Bennett was born. I'm going to miss High classes so much, but I've been reading about how high impact exercise can make separation worse. So this week I'm starting a new program and I think it will be good. Westin enjoys doing it with me, so at least the two-year-old will have a rockin' core around here even if mine feels long gone. My sister got in a really rough car accident this week and I've been emotional from it. She and her husband are fine but their car is ruined and the pictures just make me so grateful they're ok.

probably loved driving the car more than anything else this week, but zoo trips and park trips are fun too. He also has some new toy lizards that he's attached to and it cracks me up. He puts them down for a nap when he sleeps, and when we go from room to room he says, "Oh, my lizards!" and brings them along. My favorite thing he asks for right now is a "soup hug" which means group hug when both Michael and I put him to bed together. That rarely happens because usually Michael gets home after Westin is in bed, so Westin loves it. If we forget, he asks for it right before we close the door and say good night to him. "Wait, soup hug?" And we'll never say no to that! He also loves reading The Friend, Jr. magazine and we read it every morning while eating breakfast. That's about 8 pages worth of material, so know that I am always real happy when the next month's issue comes around. He started wearing underwear this week (our potty training method says a few weeks of commando help solidify new skills, don't judge) and it makes him seem so much older to me. We've got a little boy running around here.

hit six months old! I cannot believe that. Half-birthday. He's growing up. His first tooth showed up this week! We haven't started food yet, but I have an avocado on my counter with his name on it. Starting solid food makes me kind of sad. Maybe because I know they're no longer just a baby who needs milk, maybe because I know the messes that await me in my near future again... maybe both. But I think he'll love it and it will be fun to see him try new things. He has slept terribly this week but hopefully he sorts that out soon. Last night Bennett woke up four times and Westin woke up twice. Westin never wakes up in the night so it was just a rough time. I went in to see why Westin was crying at 3am and he said, "I need a snack, mom." Only one kid is allowed to snack at 3am around here, and even that one is starting to wear out his welcome with that deal. But even after tired nights, when the morning comes I'm always so happy these sweet, healthy, precious boys are mine. 

Happy, happy baby boy.

Getting pretty good at sitting up!

Washing oranges on oranges on oranges.

"I'm driving, mama!"

We were out in the garden when Westin woke up from his nap, so we tapped on his window.

He thought it was so funny and talked to us through the window for a while.

Westin had stickers in his Chick-Fil-A kids meal and he kept calling them band-aids and sticking them everywhere.

Loved those band-aids.

One-on-one time with Benny boy, the only time he can play with toys without hearing "Hey, that's mine!"
We're working on the sharing concept over here.
Updated to add: Westin just saw this picture and said, "No, my turn to hold my hippopotamus." So, yeah.

From Insta: I know it's blurry, but every time I go get Bennett from a nap or in the morning he does a little shoulder-shake dance. This six-month shot can help you visualize that because it's the happiest little set of moves. Happy half-birthday, Bennett! Time to start eating food, but I'm kind of sad about that. Nursing is a serious investment up front, but I think it's so easy and convenient once things get rolling. I can't believe you're halfway to one, baby boy. You're such a joyful little soul.
#bennettdae #daetwylerfamily

I saw this on Facebook and just loved it so much. You guys, for real.

Babies have so much figuring out to do and I love watching it.

Tummy time pro.

My sister's car :( Not their fault, no one badly hurt, but so sad and scary all the same.

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