Monday, June 19, 2017

Cedar Week

came back to Fresno right after my high school reunion to get back to work. We're so grateful for him. He is in the middle of a rough schedule this month, but once we get to July he will be a second-year resident. It's so hard to believe we have been in Fresno for a year. We missed him when he was at the hospital all of Father's Day, but we celebrated him the day before.

has really nice parents who agreed to drive me and the boys back to Fresno after a week in Cedar City, since Michael drove our car back earlier. It was so, so nice to have some time in Cedar that wasn't already full of plans. I don't remember the last time I had days at home just to soak up time with my parents and my hometown. It was good for my soul.

seems lots older these days, even Michael felt like he was older when we saw him after our week apart. He sleeps so well at my parent's house (no windows in the little room I sleep him in) and it was so nice to have some later mornings. He loved time at grandma and grandpa's house as much as I did. Lots of playground time, walks to visit our neighbor dog, stopping to watch construction at SUU, sending sticks down the ditch and catching them. Cedar was good, simple fun, and we loved it.

is the easiest little traveler. Best nap-taker. Happiest people-watcher. Cutest smiler. Funniest little personality. I loved riding in the backseat on our road trip home to California while he just stared at me with so much love in those blue eyes he somehow has. He has started "talking" when you make his same sounds back to him and it's adorable to see how happy that makes him. We had lots of family time this month and we needed it.

Post-haircut spray down and plant watering.

I went to my mom's reader's theater club with her because I heard that Peter Sham was speaking to them that night. He directed a play that I danced in when I was growing up, and he was so much fun to learn from and work with. He was so surprised to see me last week and it was so fun to reconnect. He now directs the Neil Simon festival and I am definitely heading back to Cedar to catch Noises Off.

He loves watching them, but when this one started toward him he took cover fast.

Loooooves his grandpa.

DaNae's cute boys!  
Melts me.

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