Friday, February 20, 2009

No Boys Allowed

Valentine's Day was a little unique this year, and definitely one of my favorites. Everyone just embraced the fact that it will probably be the only Valentine's Day we spend with 39 other girls (hopefully), and ran with it. When we toured war tunnels in Dover a few girls picked up a 40s dance music cd, which inspired their brilliant idea of our "Operation V-Day" 1940s party. We all dressed up 40s-style and had a party that never even needed boys for a second. First everyone wrote down an awkward / cute / random / really awkward boy-story and then tried to guess who wrote what. That definitely got a lot of laughs and gave us some good material to make fun of each other with. Our professor and his wife came to that part of the party, and I'm pretty sure they don't look at us the same anymore. They had a good time though, and they gave us each a rose and chocolate which was way sweet. We drew names so that everyone was someone's Valentine (cute) and then our dining room was transformed into a dance floor; the 40s music only lasted about 20 mintues before Beyonce took over with "All the Single Ladies." That song was close to all of our hearts that day. We ended the night watching "The Notebook," which was good for the 40s theme but bad for the effort of making us not miss boys. Jk.

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