Friday, February 13, 2009

Signs for Strugglers

I have a new obsession. Lately I've been noticing that the UK is full of funny warnings -- not your typical "watch your head" or "step up" that I'm used to, but a much more... specific kind of help. You can't really go anywhere without having to "mind" something; on the Tube you have to "mind the gap" (the space between the subway train and the platform), in the stores you have to "mind the step," on lifts you have to "mind the closing doors,"... you get the point. That was kind of funny at first, but now I have new love for the more visual kind of warnings. Here's the first one that made me laugh:

After this one I started seeing them all over. Each of them make me stop, laugh, take a picture, then wonder what happened to make that sign necessary. Here's some more, in case you find them as funny as I do!


  1. Happy Valentines Day! I didn't see the signs and so I "fell" for you!

  2. My favorite when I studied abroad was the "old people crossing" sign with a couple of pensioners with canes. Alex loved the "Don't let your dog poop here" signs.

    (This is your cousin once removed Alex's wife Jen, btw, jealous and reading to relive vicariously.)

  3. Haha no joke those were my favorite part about England! The best one I ever saw was an "elderly" warning sign. Hahaha I love it!


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