Friday, February 27, 2009

Make 'Em Laugh

You know the guards that never laugh? Ever? It's a lie. Last week we took a trip to Windsor Castle, home of those Merry Wives and the Queen on weekends -- we just missed her. But we did take a long walk through the State Apartments to see how royal visitors are treated. Good thing I'm emotionally attached to my bunk bed or I might have been a little jealous. We also saw Queen Mary's dollhouse, which was kind of like a super-sized barbie house with fully-functioning plumbing and real silver dining sets. It looked pretty fun to play with. We stopped exploring long enough to watch the Changing of the Guard -- a lot of marching and moving around, with loud soldier-yells that don't really sound like words. Then the band started playing the Austin Powers theme. The best part was after all of that, though, when we went to take a picture with one of those stone-faced guards with the tall funny hats. A few of us hurried and exchanged cameras, then took our turn standing by him. I felt bad for the guy, he was surrounded by tourists just running up to him and standing like a soldier while cameras constantly flashed at him. When it was my turn I ran up beside him and struck some random pose while I stared up at him. He looked down at me from the corner of his eye, and his mouth totally twitched. Once I saw he was actually breakable I was determined to see him laugh. All of us took turns posing with him and being stupid, and before long I heard him snort -- yep, he snorted -- and finally, he was laughing. It's a well-known fact that when someone laughs, you just laugh with them...but for some reason that happens SO much more when it's a big guard who's not even supposed to smile. You can see the smile, which almost gets my point across...but I really wish you could have heard him snort. Donald O'Connor would have been proud.
P.S. Melissa and I are fully aware that we match way too much here. This seems to happen a lot.

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