Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brighton! Or....California?

According to Pride and Prejudice, Brighton is the place to find husbands...BUT I was only looking for roller coasters. I heard there was going to be a beach, and a pier, so I figured roller coasters belong on that list. I got my hopes up...

Our first stop was Bodiam Castle, it had a legit moat.

Yeah, I don't even know what this thing is. Ideas?

We found a random ditch that I decided was very appropriate for a bobsled picture. Apparently I didn't explain that very well though, because there's only one bobsled face and four normal cute faces here....

Kiely decided to not tell us that until after she took the picture though. She likes to let me do things like that...

We finally got the whole bobsled thing down, but Janna kinda just looks crazy and Hilary looks violent. Not really the Cool Runnings thing we were going for, but close.

And....then we kinda just gave up :)

We FINALLY got to Brighton and I ran to the pier, with even higher hopes by now. The beach was beautiful, the smell was amazing, the pier felt like summer...

...but I was too distracted by the RIDES at the end of the pier! The tall skinny thing is the one we went on. Yeah, it would sway when the wind would blow hard. Probably not a good thing.

Here's Alexa and me on the ride, and yes that's pure joy on my face. It felt like we were flying over the ocean! Loved it.

So, I came home from Brighton husbandless -- would've been a disappointing trip for Lydia or Kitty Bennett. Luckily I'm at a place in life when a roller coaster totally beats marriage, so I felt pretty good about the day :)


  1. Some would say that marriage itself is a roller coaster ride. But not me! Of course.

  2. I'm with your dad on this, though I would be more inclined to say that parenthood, which is a common side effect of marriage, is a roller coaster. Fun, thrilling, and horrifying at the same time some days.


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