Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lea Valley Sundays

London Centre students used to attend the single's ward in the Hyde Park chapel, but a few years ago the presidents of the two London stakes decided to switch things up. Now we're split up into groups of 3 or 4 and spread out across the wards in London. I go to the Lea Valley ward, up in the northeast corner. I work in the primary there, and I love it!

I've never had a boring Sunday in London. These kids are so much fun! Here's Alyssa and me doing our latest sharing time about families.

We had everyone take turns dressing up as a member of a family while we sang the song. It started out how it was supposed to, a couple girls wearing the back pack and high heels for sister and mother, the boys in a baseball hat and work gloves for brother and dad.

Holly was determined to be the mother this time, she's the one wearing high heels that are about as tall as she is. She has the best little accent, be sad you can't hear it. Tico is the 'brother' in the blue hat, and if you can't tell by his pose, he is hilarious. He always brings me a joke after primary. Here's my current favorite (read it with a british accent): "Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? .... Because it wanted to get to the bottom."
Yeah, love him. :)

After singing the song a couple times with a pretty traditional family up front, they started to get a little more creative. Here's Nathan putting on the high heels and Carl with the pink back pack. They both wanted the heels though.

Here's a real family this time: one sister, two brothers, no pretending. Adam's the little one, he's supposed to be in nursery but he's already discovered that primary is way cooler. He comes in 15 minutes into primary and when a leader asks him why he isn't in nursery he says, "Oh...we've finished in there." Pretty sure he gets his snack then heads to primary. Smart kid.

Leaving London is going to be hard for a lot of reasons, and my ward is high on the list. I only have one more Sunday here because of General Conference this week. It's been so fun to get to know families and serve in a ward; going back to a single's ward will be hard...I don't think God ever really wanted wards to be made up of one age group. He knows every ward needs a Tico.


  1. For the most part, I'd agree with you about the age group thing. However, you'd be surprised how much Jenny and I have learned and gained being in a young married ward. We'll have the rest of our lives to be in a family one. Oh, and I have obviously started reading your blog.

    Your best brother, Logan


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