Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feed the Birds

Mary Poppins made feeding birds sound way more relaxing than it is. Our two-day trip to Stratford was really fun, but kind of an overdose of Shakespeare (I'm learning to like him, really I am), so we decided to take a break and feed birds. There were swans, pigeons, geese, and birds I don't know the name of ALL over the river Avon (Stratford-upon-Avon, get it?), so we went and bought them some food. I knew we had trouble the first time I threw a handful of whatever that bird food was... geese started honking, pigeons started invading, and the nameless white birds started doing this weird hovering thing dangerously close to our faces. Instant chaos. Swans are mean! The rest were just kind of obnoxious. Hilary showed us all up by being the only one who could let them all eat right out of her hand, and the only one who didn't scream once in a while. There was one nice goose though, who never honked at me and just stayed by me and stared. I named him Gus-Gus, it just fit. He didn't like when I ran out of food, though, so he bit me. But no hard feelings. Here's a little video of the experience, but not in its most chaotic moments. Look for Gus-Gus, and just know that when the camera moves away, he's biting me. Jerk.


  1. Oh Madeline! I miss that beautiful face!

  2. Maddie, I hope you had your goose bite shot before you went to England. :)

  3. Maddie, I hope you got your goose bite shots before you went to England!

  4. seems that birds worldwide know about Maddie's bird-killing reputation and are exacting revenge...


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