Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharing a Sacred Spot

The Western Wall has always been on top of my (growing) list of things I'm excited to see in Jerusalem. Our entire group is going tomorrow at sundown to welcome in Shabbat, but we won't be allowed to take pictures on the Sabbath. I took these pictures earlier this week. Ever since Boston I've felt a constant desire to understand Judaism more, and its people. One visit to the Wall taught me more about their passionate dedication than an entire past semester in my Judaism and the Gospel class.

Men on the left, and women on the right, are tucking their prayers into the lonely remains of their conquered temple. They sway back and forth, a physical symbol of their desire to love the Lord "with all thine heart, and all thine soul, and with all thy might." Watching these people pray so sincerely to what is left of their temple brought me back to all those nights and Sunday afternoons I spent parked up the hill overlooking the Provo temple. Whenever I felt more than I wanted to feel by myself, whether it was sadness or frustration or gratitude, I drove my car to the place I feel closest to the One who I know has felt exactly the same way.

I watched these fellow peculiar people pray to a God they have so often felt forgotten by, and admired their faith and patience. They walk backwards away from the Wall that is overflowing with their handwritten prayers. I know now more than ever that God hears all His children's prayers; I think He reads them, too.

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