Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something New

I love visiting mosques. Taking off my shoes when I enter reminds me of the temple, and helps me think of how sacred each mosque is to a religion I'm trying hard to learn about.
The is the Muhammad Ali mosque, our last stop in Egypt.

This was a mosque we visited in Cairo. We had two hours of free time, and I'd already stimulated the Egyptian economy more than enough that instead, a few of us grabbed a scarf and spent our free time in a mosque. It was one of my favorite experiences of the trip -- we were immediately welcomed and surrounded by women who wanted to know our names and ages and where we were from. The little girls loved touching our faces and looking at the pictures we took with our cameras.
Nadia, in the middle, wouldn't let us speak English after a few minutes and patiently taught us Arabic words. Then one by one she showed us how to wrap our head scarves the right way and how to pin them. She was so sad to find out we didn't have cell phones, and we were sad to find out she doesn't have an e-mail address. They were all so welcoming and kind to us. It was really cool to be inside during the 4th prayer of the day. Do I look like I could fit in? Just wondering.....

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  1. I could not find you in the pictures. I did see a woman that looked like a mix of asian and pacific islander that ressembled you. :)


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