Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doing the DC Thing

This is my neighbor. I walk by the place on my way to work every day. It's a good reminder that I did, in fact, move to DC without even coming to terms with that decision.

Look, there's my finger. It moved to DC, too.

I figure a walk to and from work every day gives me a pretty good chance of an Obama sighting. Only 49 more work days here to live that dream though (who's counting?).

Capitol. The front yard is infested with squirrels. Who knew? 

I live in the Barlow Center, right in the Georgetown area, with almost 40 other BYU interns. We have ourselves a good time, probably no better times, though, than when we make our way to Target and watch our carts ride the cart escalator. Yeah, we're not in Utah anymore.

National Cathedral. Beautiful. It was weird being in a young church though. All my cathedral visits in London (like the time I managed to get lost in Westminster Abbey or learned that some cathedrals are a constant fire hazard) made me think that if you didn't build your cathedral by the year 1312-ish, you were out of luck. Apparently America wasn't letting that rule fly. 

We didn't finish it until 1990. But it's done now, so you should come see it. Tell me when you're here and I'll buy you some Joe-Joe's. Don't tell Oreos.

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  1. AHH I just love you and miss you and I hope you're enjoying DC!


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