Saturday, May 7, 2011

It happened.

 This happened two weeks ago...feels like two years ago? So much has happened since then! BUT it's momentous enough that I'm still doing a little recap.
(Andrew. Worked with him in Career Services. He has a great job lined up in Texas in November, so he's just gonna go kill some time in China at culinary school this big deal.)

 My time as a BYU student is no more, people. Unless you count this summer in DC, but I feel kind of grown up out here. So...the statement stands.
(The roomie! Elise. She graduated in Advertising, so it was fun to walk together in the same commencement! She's headed to an internship in Chicago next month.)

 This is Susan Walton, a professor I had for a lot of my PR classes. She's such a firecracker, I'm going to miss being in her classroom. 

 I was so happy to have my family there that day! Ali couldn't make it since Jerusalem is taking all of her vacation days this year, but I am totally supportive of that :) 

 Jenny was a wonderful photographer, as always. Allison even came all the way down from Seattle for the occasion! Or maybe she came for another friend's wedding. Hmm...

Gotta love Career Services. This office was a big and enjoyable part of my BYU experience! My boss, Monte, and coworkers Cody and Marsha made it such a fun place to work.

BYU was hard. In all sorts of ways. The first year hardest of all, though, and I'm glad I can see why I was supposed to go there now.

Ok. More recap on more life changes soon.


  1. Yay! Maddie, I am so happy for you!

  2. I made it onto Maddie's blog... what an honor!

  3. So now you know why you were supposed to go to BYU? Cool. Tell me about it over some Oreos sometime soon. -- Love, Dad


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