Sunday, August 26, 2012

Future Dr. D

The Class of 2016 had their White Coat Ceremony last week.

I didn't have the greatest of seats...but I tried to capture the moment.

If it's hard to tell from the zoomed in picture, Michael is not the one in the tube top, and not black.

See him there on the left? He looks good in white!

Here are some of his friends in his class. 
I'm thinking they'll be pretty dang close by the end of four hard years.

He looks pretty happy in that coat, yeah?
I mean, I never got a smile like that in any of our wedding photos!

I'm so proud of him - he works his hardest at everything he does.
So maybe 2016 sounds a little far away and a little daunting right now,
but I know it will fly by and we'll be sad when the four years are over.

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