Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best of Boston, in a day

I spent the early, early a.m. of Tuesday nodding off during this beautiful sunrise...

And landed in Boston in time to help the sister pack her pod.

That thing is full. Blue-shirt Brian had some serious spatial reasoning skills,
which is something I was definitely not born with.

He kept finding magical places for everything to fit in.
Beds, recliners, rocking chairs, dressers,'s all there.
Even the bike. Pure talent.


So with the pod packed up, we spent Tuesday doing all our one-more-times.

We drove by our old Summit Ave house, where we lived a few summers ago.
That house had some seriously good times when we were roommates/sisters/coworkers/friends/everything.

Of course we went to Al's for lunch, our favorite sandwich shop. Ever.
And you know who was there? Al himself.
He's a legend.

Ali took a picture with him and confessed her love for his sandwiches.
She told him she was moving out to Utah, and how much she would miss eating there.
He gave her his cell number and told her to meet up with him at the Red Sox game,
and he'd give her an official Al's shirt.

An Al's shirt. From Al. At the Red Sox game. Score.

We ate our lunch outside by the fountains, and watched some skateboarders do hoodrat stuff.
Speaking of which, Ali had never seen THIS video until today. Crazy, right?

Then it was off to the game! Me, Green Monster, pretty sister.

Finally at Fenway all my Boston time, I'd never been to a Red Sox Game.

(See the Prudential Center back there? Favorite.)

 Sisters at the game. Do we look like sisters? We always get one of two reactions from people:
"Wow, you guys look like twins!"
"Wow, you guys don't even look related!"

Who knows. I try to not let it add to my suspicion that I'm adopted.
(Evidence: No one knows what race I am, so people regularly find creative
ways to ask me about it. AND I just learned that 
Social Security has had my birthday wrong for my entire life. 
How old am I? Where am I from? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Shady.)

The whole crew at Fenway. I'm going to miss Boston visits with Rachel!
She was Ali's roommate for 4 years. We LOVE her. Most ardently.

Highlights of the game: Dogs. Sweet Caroline sing alongs. 
The inebriated lady who bolted onto the field,
followed by the stadium playing "What do we do with a drunken sailor..."

and of course...

Calling Al, and getting our official shirts. He even gave Ali a kiss on the cheek,
and tried to convince her to not leave Boston.

That's just the unimaginably perfect ending to our Al's legacy.

 There's just no other way this day could end than with a Berryline fix.

It's the greatest frozen yogurt there ever was.

All in all, it was crazy how perfect the last Boston day was. 
Added to all this we also enjoyed a random free sundae,
extremely lucky parking spots,
another Jumbotron appearance, 
and lots and lots of laughing.

It'll be bittersweet to drive away from Boston tomorrow...

but it just couldn't have ended on a higher note.

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