Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forces of Nature

You know, even if you live in fear of a mouse...

Even if you brave said mouse to workout in your living room,
and a spider drops on your head...

You STILL can't deny the beauty of nature.

We live in God's country. 
He didn't mean to put mosquitoes in it, I think.

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful dad!

Look how sweet he is - his kids just loved playing with him.

He played full out too - broken toes to prove it.
And that was just from Hide and Seek.

When I'm a mom, I hope I can be half as hard core as that.

Thanks for all you did and do for us...
I love you, Dad!

1 comment:

  1. Ok love this! Love you! Feel like I know a whole new side of you with this blog. Which is a good thing :).... hopefully! Thanks for having us over and yes its 11:46pm and I just left your house... only to get on your blog? who is the creepy person now... Me!


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