Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And then we were THREE!

It's no longer just Michael and me in this house!

If you're thinking I'm pregnant, I'm not sorry for misleading you - I need your full attention for this awful news.

We have a mouse in our kitchen.

And I no longer go into our kitchen.

Michael saw the little devil when he was reading on our couch, which faces down this hallway.

One look at Michael's face, and I immediately took action with my homemade barricade.

Bubble wrap from my the b-day present my mom sent,
(pics of that later!)
along with all doorway cracks securely yeah right sealed with packing peanuts.

If that mouse is forcing himself into our house, he only gets to be in ONE part of it.

Then I went straight to Target and found these wonderful, wonderful mousetraps. 

A big old arrow points to "CAUGHT" when the mouse goes inside,
and you never even see it. You just throw the box away and never even see the evidence.

(By you, I mean Michael. Unless he's at school, 
in which case I'll spend 15 minutes gathering my courage, 
grab our shovel, and cry on my way to the dumpster.)

If I didn't promise to bring pesto to a church activity tonight,
you can bet money I wouldn't have set foot in that kitchen.

My (admittedly irrational) fear of mice stems from one scarring experience at girls camp,
in a bathroom...
and I'll just never be the same.

On a happier note, we also have THESE visitors stopping by our house each evening:

Now that, I am totally ok with :)


  1. Oh my gosh. I remember that mouse girls camp story. Seriously made me laugh reading this! Good luck :)

  2. You are so brave, Maddie! At least you have some pretty, friendly visitors, too!


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