Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy News from Our House

Ready for some good news, highlights version?

a) Michael and I are now the same age. 
Which means... he is still older. Dang it.
But I still enjoyed the happiest of birthdays!

Full of...

Fresh raspberries, funny movies, controversial pictures,
and a dinner at a delicious Turkish restaurant. 
Bring on 24!

b) The mouse moved out.
Something way better moved in.
There is now a wonderful, beautiful keyboard living in our extra bedroom.
I visit often.

Which brings me to other good news...
I just became the piano player for our primary at church!
Sundays just got a whole lot more entertaining.

c) We discovered downtown Indy and all its wonders.
This involved three and a half hours of walking, walking, walking.
Worth it though...see how nice it is?
d) The very next day we discovered the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
It's so much fun. Come visit, and we'll take you.
Plus, they have a greenhouse with the craziest plants.
Even Michael (a.k.a. Father Earth) said he had never seen some of them before, ever.
Look at that pretty one we took home with us...
And see the thousands of tiny people holding us up with their hands?
Modern art is fascinating. 
People are so creative, whether you enjoy how they express it or not.

e) I made our first successful batch of homemade jam!
First of many, actually... 
because I now know that Michael requires a constant supply of this to be truly happy.
I think I'm with him on that.

and finally, the best news of all....

f) I have a JOB! Hallelujah people, many prayers went into that one.

Starting in a couple weeks, 
I'll be a Marketing & Communications Coordinator for a company downtown.
This is happy news! And we're grateful for all the people who have been sending
prayers our way through the job search.

Other happy news includes:
We are gaining serious frisbee skills.
My arm is small enough to grab our frisbee out from under neighbors' fences.
The mouse is GONE. (Worth mentioning again.)
Rainstorms are awesome here. And frequent.
And...the mouse is gone.


  1. haha. Congratulations! About the mouse...and the job.

  2. Horray! I am so happy for you guys!

  3. Horray! That is fabulous news!

  4. congratulations on the new job!! so exciting. ... AND i'm glad the mouse is gone :]

  5. congratulations on the new job! that's so exciting. ... AND i'm glad the mouse is gone :]

  6. Congrats on the new job Maddie! I am still in that boat. It's the worst boat ever in my opinion. Miss you! Your jam looks delish!

  7. Hooray! Mouse and job. (In that order.)

  8. I love reading your blo! You make me laugh:) glad to see you guys are enjoying your time in Indy ;)


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