Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally through Finals

Michael finished his last final yesterday!

And then he did a happy dance.
That's not true, actually, because he gets along with dancing
about as well as I get along with mice.

But I know that he probably did at least a little happy dance inside.

First semester down, seven to go :)

We went out for Ethiopian food to celebrate. Have you had it?

You eat with your hands, pulling apart Injera (a flatbread made with just ground teff seed and water).
The bread is spongy, and somewhere between a pita and crepe.

The owner of the restaurant was so nice to us. He is from Ethiopia,
and is his wife is from Eritrea. She makes everything that they serve.

Then we came home and played games with friends until midnight.
That's cool right?
Since we usually go to bed at 9:30 on Fridays. SO lame :)

You should listen to this album with me. 
I'm addicted, and SO excited for our Christmas trip to Utah this week!

And on Wednesday, the JAZZ are coming to town to take on the Pacers!
We bought tickets like eight years ago it feels like,
so I'm excited to finally go cheer them on.

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