Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Holiday Days, as of late

December. So wonderfully busy, right?

Here's a wise reminder from a Dove chocolate that I probably ate before 10am at work:

The holidays really do feel magical.

and just enjoy the way that everyone is a little happier and more kind this time of year.

So, life as of late. 

 We went to a Butler basketball game with some friends,
and it was so much fun. 

We stopped downtown afterwards at a new sweet shop.
We felt like kids in a candy store. Let's be real, we were kids in a candy store.
I'm still just not sure when you are actually a grown up.
(Saying adults instead of grown ups is probably a factor.)
 Speaking of downtown...don't you love cities at night?
This is in the middle of Monument Circle, right downtown.
Monument turned Christmas Tree, currently. Complete with Santa's Mailbox at the bottom.
If you want to mail me your list, I'll drop it in for you.

And speaking of the Circle, this is Michael before smugly snagging a parking spot right in the Circle.
Hard to do, people. At first I thought it was lucky...
but now, every time we go downtown, he wants to try his luck again before settling. :)

We walked across that cute bridge to go to Christmas at the Zoo.
Oh I love Zoos. So of course I love them with Christmas lights all around,
and late night dolphin shows to Christmas pop songs,
And wide awake polar bears and tigers. It.was.wonderful.
Plus, they had real reindeer! I immediately loved them because their eyes look just like cows.
Pure. Not stupid. Pure.
 I know pumpkins are so last fall,
but look how fully we took advantage of our former front-porch friend.
We figured since we never even made him a jack-o-lantern,
we had to give him some purpose in life.

So, we baked the seeds, processed the pumpkin, and composted the outside. !!
Good, because next year I think I'm opting for the jack-o-lantern option.
And finally, a few shots of our rocking ward party last Friday.
I played some Christmas songs for the kids to sing before their big red visitor came to town.
It was way too much fun, which is always true when Ami Bunker is leading.
She has serious talent.

Then, Santa arrived! And I had fun being the bell-jingler by the photographer,
and getting a front row view of kids and their love-fear relationship with Mr. Claus.

Those are the happenings at our house lately!
Plus lots, lots, lots, lots of studying on Michael's end. 
Finals this week, then his first semester is done! I'm so proud of him. And our pumpkin.

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  1. Pure. Not Stupid. Pure. Mrrrrr. Not Mooooo. Mrrrrrr. Oh the love.


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