Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrating 25

We had a birthday weekend over here. It was perfect weather (September is the best month, have I told you that lately?), and we had such a fun Saturday. Michael made me a wonderful crepe breakfast and creatively presented my presents. Pretty good, huh?


Do you see that laptop? (Not a present. Had that for a couple years now.) I'm talking about what's ON the laptop.....Wicked!! That was our birthday splurge, funded by our four-dog weekend and a 3am verbatim (which is dental school speak for getting paid to type up a class) by Michael. Work hard, play hard, people. I am way too excited to see Wicked again. This will be my fifth time, but Michael's first! Which has me excited enough for the both of us. Which is necessary, because I don't know if Michael is too excited? He's a good sport. Especially when I make him listen to the entire Wicked soundtrack with me on our long drives whenever I need to stay awake.

Living far away from my family is a bummer, but mail is not! Sweet, sweet people sent me birthday wishes from states away, and it was so nice of them. My sister even sent me a purple shirt, which is maybe the fourth purple clothing item I've owned in my life. I never wear purple? So she's helping me break my weird habits. I wore it yesterday, mind you. And yes, those are packages of Reeses and Oreos there in the corner that Michael wrapped up for my birthday. He's a smart husband.

When Michael asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I just said snow cones and bikes. I wish we lived closer to the Monon Trail, it's kind of pain to drive our bikes up to Broad Ripple for a ride. But when we do, I am in love with the whole day. So we got a Pink Lemon Sour (her) and Black Cherry (him) shaved ice, then hit the trail. It was such a beautiful day!

Michael made me practice relay handoffs with a stick the whole time. We got pretty good at it. Well, kind of just him. I'm a wimp on a bike, let's be honest.

After we finished our bike ride we hurried down south to meet Michael's parents for dinner. They stayed in Indianapolis that night on their way to bike ride in Michigan. We ate delicious Thai food with them and had fun catching up. They are so nice. We love living close to them during dental school.

Then Sunday came and it was the laziest of days. Normally our church is 3 hours, but due to some scheduling conflicts with other congregations, we only met from 10am-12pm that day. It somehow turned the whole day into a holiday...a lazy holiday.

This little cat calms my soul sometimes - I had a little anxiety about turning 25. I know, I know...you are all rolling your eyes and saying "That is so young!" And I know it is. But for some reason, it was the first age that I wasn't excited to turn. It rounds to 30. It means that I'm getting older which means my family is getting older which means life is changing which means there are different stages of life to get used to...and, it just all felt weird. Growing up is one thing. Watching families grow up and lives change is another.

But, I can rent a car now. Gotta focus on the positives of this new age of mine. And I have a feeling there are plenty of other good things waiting for me in 25. I just need a little direction and time to figure out what those things are. All in all, it was a perfect birthday, and all day I just felt grateful for how blessed my last 25 years have been. I have had a lot of treasured experiences and treasured relationships in a short time.

I really do love life.


We're going to leave you with a product placement here today. I get paid big bucks for these promos. (False.)

Have you ever tried this chapstick from Bath & Body Works? I am full blown addicted to it. Not the bad kind of addicted, where they're putting something in it that makes your lips all dependent and weird when you can't find it in time...just the full on, could-quit-anytime-but-don't-want-to, healthy addicted. It's the best. And for three months they have been sold out in stores and online, which was conveniently when I completely ran out.... but it's back, people! Did you already get your year supply? No? Just me? Well, don't come to me when it's sold out again.

Also, last week my Excedrin looked like a flower, and it was the most pleasant medicine-taking experience I've ever had. So I had to show you. Kind of cool? Ok, maybe not, but in the moment I was pretty impressed.

Ok, that's all. Happy birthday to me! And to you, hopefully in September, because it really is the best month, you guys.... Ok, I'll stop with that.

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  1. I keep coming back to the Excedrin flower...it's a September miracle


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