Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, 
can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
-Oscar Wilde

Oh how I believe that. I am obsessed with color lately, and wanting as much of it in my life as possible. On my walls or on my plate, wearing them or just seeing them around me. And let me tell you, my apartment has plenty of opportunities to add color to it, considering it's mostly still a white-walled wonder. 

So even though I got a 16 on THIS TEST, I still moved forward with coral bathroom plans in full confidence. That's what happens when Michael has to stay at school from 7am to 11pm. I find ways to entertain myself - and color our apartment.

You should take the test. Leave your score in the comments - maybe it will help me feel better about mine.

(Which, on my slightly bitter retake, was 12.)


  1. I got an 11... And the test made me a little cross eyed and nauseous. I swear they all started looking the same. Love your bathroom color choice!

  2. I got a 19. I struggled with red and green hue's.

  3. I got a ZERO! I feel completely justified now when I tell my children and husband that what they're wearing doesn't match.
    Thank you for the self esteem boost.
    If it validates your choice, I think coral is a fantastic color to put in the bathroom. I bet it's going to look great.

  4. Ok, took it again and got 8. Going down by 4s, slowly building up perfect color vision!

  5. I got an 11! I kept the test open for about an hour and kept looking back to it after my eyes stopped freaking out. I was so nervous to submit it! Can't wait to see pictures of the bathroom. I wish I was there to help you!

  6. I got an 11. I kept it open for about an hour and kept re-checking it because I was too nervous to submit it! I can't wait to see pictures of the bathroom and I wish I was there to help you paint it!

  7. i got an 11...that test was freaking my eyes out. weird!

  8. I have perfect color vision. I got a score of zero. This makes me feel more confident about my weird OCD about white balance in photography!


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