Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Lately: In Random Mode

I don't know what your September is like, but ours kind of looks like a tornado hit our calendar. But I'm ok with this, because September is the best month of the year. September means that summer's heat is out the door, and I get to be surrounded by scarves and crunchy leaves and apple cider. There is no transition more fun for me than summer into fall. So bring on the busy month, because it's just full of good, good stuff! And here are a few random updates to catch you up on our life over here in our little corner of Indianapolis.

Dogs. We have been going out of town so much lately that we decided to just have a relaxing Labor Day weekend. Somehow relaxing turned into watching four dogs, two of whom could very well kill me on accident and maybe not even know it happened. LOOK at these guys! They're called mastiffs. I call them small horses. I was not a lot of help when we went over to check on these fact, I actually screamed a few times and stood in corner a few more times, while Michael thoroughly enjoyed himself. They are huge animals, you guys. And they act like puppies - meaning they love to run at you and jump at you, making them as tall as Michael. Yikesies.

The other two dogs, of much smaller proportions, lived with us for the weekend. Do you know I've had the same Christmas dream for all (soon to be 25) years of my life? I have pictured a tiny sweet brown puppy with a big red bow around its neck under my Christmas tree for as long as I can remember. And THAT sweet little puppy on the left is exactly from my dreams! Watching her was kind of a last minute deal, but we couldn't refuse a golden retriever puppy. I mean look at that face....could you? And this is no offense to the wrinkly guy on the right...he's a good dog too. I've just, never had Christmas dreams quite that wrinkly, if you know what I mean.

So four dogs for Labor Day, sounds like a good idea, right? Actually no, it doesn't even sound like a good idea. We were so blind-sided by puppy dog eyes. But we made it through the weekend and promptly deleted our dog-sitting profile online because, oh my goodness. What a weekend that was. We're ready for a break. 
(And a little brown puppy!) 
(But we're not allowed to have pets.) 
(I hope my manager doesn't read my blog.)

We did make a quick trip to Louisville on Saturday, to go to the temple and to see Michael's parents. We wish we could have spent more time with them (again, four dogs? bad idea), but hopefully we will soon.

These guys went home on Monday, and our life got significantly less hairy. They really were a lot of fun. 

But sometimes they were not. 

Later that night we walked around downtown with the Naylors. Those little kiddos are so much fun. We love being with them. And look at that sky! It was such a beautiful day. We ended it with dinner at one of our favorites here, and then finished up the last episodes of Parks and Rec. Yep, all of them. We're done, and we're sad about it. 

And then I tried to start my normal work week but my throat and stomach and head said, no that's ok, we'll just stay in bed, thanks. So I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday and spent my nights finishing the last season of Parenthood. Yep, all of it. I'm done, and I'm sad about it.

Also, a little embarrassed by those TV confessions. They're the only shows we watch, promise. And by we, I'm not talking about Parenthood, because Michael kind of twitches when he hears me turn that on and it's only watched when he's studying. I don't really blame him...why do I like watching other people's drama? And crying in every single episode? It's beyond me. I just know I keep coming back for more. And I had a dream I was a member of the Braverman family, and that was a little much.

Finally, football time. We had college gear day at work and I rocked my BYU shirt. I was the only one supporting BYU in my office? Weird. I love this picture from the @byucougars Instagram. BYU is just the coolest. I miss that place so, so much. Go Cougars! :)

That's life lately...with good things in our future [birthdays, picnics, regattas (for real), book clubs, girls' nights, cooking classes, orchard visits, warm sweaters....] 

Oh September. You really are the best.


  1. looks like your september is starting off really well. Four dogs to watch holy moly, that is a lot. I can barely keep an eye on my one. I wish utah had a nice fall, but its just not the same like it is back east.

    p.s. don't feel ashamed about the shows, i go through phases to where i watch marathon like episodes. its the only way to go.

  2. You make me laugh! But fyi I think you're mixing up September with October. We must milk summer for all it's worth!!

  3. I'm totally with you, I love September too. People always ask me what my favorite season is and assume I'll say summer because of my name, but no, it's fall. So ready for it! And it is silly but I always feel special when I find myself (or usually just my kids) on others blogs. Makes me feel connected and loved. Can't even tell you how much we love you guys, my kids are crazy about you! They'd be on your doorstep every night if I let them! Thanks for loving them. :)


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