Sunday, February 12, 2017

Becoming Brothers

We had a lot of ice cream this week, so that's good. I took the boys to a dairy about an hour south of Fresno to tour their facilities and see where they make some sinfully good chocolate milk. My friend Emily introduced me to the stuff which is so appropriate because chocolate milk played a big role in our freshman year in the dorms at BYU together. She was so nice to invite us to see the dairy with her and her sister's family. Westin wasn't too into learning about the process of milk making but he was all about those samples of flavored milks and ice cream. We also had so much fun having Michael home for his first weekend off this year. It was a good week!

makes things so much more fun. Westin loves being in the backyard with him, and we all had fun "playing basketball" at the courts by our house. Or whatever you call running around throwing a ball with a two-year-old boy and a baby in a stroller. He started watching the OJ Simpson trial show on Netflix with me, and he fell asleep super early on the couch most nights this week because, residency.  Bless his tired heart.

started up a playgroup in my ward because we still don't quite know what to do with ourselves in Fresno sometimes. But we're learning! On Saturday I felt so happy driving to dinner with all three of my boys, and it was one of those magical restaurant experiences when both kids stayed happy the whole time and no drinks were spilled. Winning. I had the healthiest day I've ever had in my life this week which showed me just how intensely I am addicted to sugar... dang it. Chocolate runs deep in my soul. This is also the first time in my life that I am actually enjoying working out, instead of just checking it off and hating it. Westin is a particularly joyful workout partner.

is my little buddy. When we workout his interpretation of my videos cracks me up. I was doing 10-second plank holds with 3-second breaks, and Westin laid down by me and would shake and stare at his fists, then lie down and say "Sleep sleep sleep..." then up and stare at his fists while shaking again. It cracked me up so much. And heaven knows I need something to cheer me up when I attempt planks these days. Babies and abs... it's rough. Westin is obsessed with pretending to make food and helping me in the kitchen in any way possible. I really need to get him some play food or a little kitchen. It's kind of hilarious how much his life and play centers around food.

feels confined by his little baby body. He's always trying to roll both ways, or bounce out of anything I've tried to put him in, or stand up with help or have a good view of Westin at all times. When he hit four months last week I feel like he suddenly became so much older. He goes to the doctor on Tuesday but when I weigh him on my scale with me I think he's close to 20 pounds. Which is....insane.  It also makes me have very little patience for the 3-4 night feedings that are still happening. I'm like, kid, I don't think you need this. But he's a sweetie.

"So tall! I want to show Papa!"

Guys, this is just my favorite dessert when all is said and done. Gooey chocolate chip cookies with milk or ice cream.

They seemed like brothers this week! Instead of just two independent, parallel baby boys.
I don't know, it just felt like a shift.

"What's doin, mama?"

Loooooves sitting up with a little help.

This I find Bennett too many times. He doesn't even cry about it. Whoops.

Tummy time is always better with a friend.

"Here Bennett, do a push up!"

Do you think he likes chocolate malts as much as his mama?

Monday's crew! Emily and her girls, her sister Annie and her kids, and all of us.
Westin kept wondering where his cousins were since Hadley had cousins around.


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