Sunday, February 19, 2017

Whoa, potty training.

Even though this post happens weekly, it feels like so much time has passed since last weekend's blog post. We're gonna chalk that up completely to potty training. 

worked a lot and I'm pretty sure I start his paragraph with that every week. Whoops. He was on call on Saturday which always means he's at the hospital in the morning until lunchtime usually, BUT then he didn't get called in again until right when we were putting the boys to bed that night so that felt lucky. He got home late on Valentine's Day and it wasn't much of a holiday this year, but someday soon we'll go on a great date and get our traditional sushi. Or something. The thing is, Michael sometimes brings home sushi from the hospital when he eats it for dinner there and it has made it a little less glamorous in all of our minds I'm pretty sure. It's not as weird as it sounds, but it IS hospital sushi. So, yeah. He showed me a before and after picture this week of some facial stitching that he did and I was so impressed. The skills he's developing are life-changing and I love how hard he works. And he's just such a wonderful dad. I love listening to Westin play with him.

is in a daze from potty training. I don't think I remember anything that happened in the week before it. Seriously. We started Friday morning by following this book and just camped out in our kitchen all day. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I did not take my eyes off Westin from 7am to 1:30pm. Then back at it again after his nap. When he started to pee I just told him we didn't do that on the floor and moved him to his little potty, and it actually clicked really fast. I'm so proud of him! I even kept telling him so, and he started repeating the phrase because he liked how it sounded -- that turned into him spontaneously giving me hugs and saying "I'm so proud of you!" to me. So sweet, and super appreciated because I was like, thanks kid...this is insanely hard. The most exhausting day of my parenting life was the day I tried (and tried and tried and failed) to bring Westin into this world. Friday is the second most exhausting day of my parenting life. So how's that for dramatics. (Third place goes to our 24-hour travel day in May that included two six-hour drives and two plane rides in one day... just offering some perspective here.) The point when I realized just how crazy this effort was making me was when I got super excited when I started to pee on Friday night before going to bed, and then realized that I'm already a pro and my efforts don't need to be celebrated. Long weekend, guys.

is a big boy! He's learning so much, so fast, and I love it while it simultaneously breaks my heart to see him growing up. He's learning to use the potty so quickly and I love witnessing firsthand how he learns and how his mind works. The best part is celebrating with him and seeing him become empowered when he feels proud of himself and his new (very necessary) skill. On Friday morning he would stop mid-pee when I'd tell him to and then used his potty by the third time that I moved him there. I put his lunch on a stool in front of his potty, so he got on an off of it a hundred times while eating and became ok with the thing. On Saturday he sat on it often and I'd work hard to entertain him there until he peed. Sunday morning was the same story. But then tonight when he was playing and narrating everything he does ("making soup!" ...the kid is always making soup) I suddenly heard, "Oh, gotta go potty!" And then he was sitting on his little seat and going all by himself. In his basketball shorts. But we partied anyway! Because that was awesome, and we'll work on learning both the how and why of taking our pants off before going potty. I was nursing Bennett when it all happened so fast, so not a lot of support was around to prevent that clothing malfunction. He went again a second time tonight all on his own, and I was bursting with joy.

was neglected this weekend. How many times can I say potty training in one post? He was neglected because of his potty-training-brother but we love you, Bennett, please forgive us. Honestly, maybe he liked hanging out in the kitchen with us more than being on the go like normal. I would nurse him while staring at Westin, change him while staring at Westin, give him tummy time and help him learn to stand while staring at Westin, hold toys for him while staring at Westin. I hope this is sufficiently illustrating our life for you right now. Bennett is a sweet soul though and seems to hold no hard feelings, but he DID seem crazy happy after Westin went to bed Friday night and I just sat and talked and played with him for an hour. While looking at him this time. Oh sweet Bennett, I love you. He's eating three times a night and soon I'm going to need to really figure out how to change that. Another battle for another time. He had his four-month check up at the doctor and he actually only weighs 18.5 pounds. Which is still, you know, crazy huge and 95th percentile. But when you're expecting to hear 20 pounds it changes the perception there. He's 95th percentile in his other measurements too. You grow, baby boy.

This is what gives me an excuse to keep pressing play on another episode of Grey's Anatomy at night.
Can't wake up the cat, guys.
Also, that show is so dumb (says the girl who is in the 9th season...why do we do the things we do).

This picture is everything right now.

Potty training time. I deep cleaned my kitchen Thursday so we could live in it all day Friday.
 And. We. Did.

Valentine Party with friends! Westin has a thing for sprinkles, gets it from his dad.

When you realize your bag that you dearly love is widely dearly loved...

POST: Valentines in real time: I put both my kids to bed at 6:55 because I had no more energy for them. Michael got home at 7:30 and I told him I didn't know if Bennett thought it was time for bed or a nap and Michael said "I think he always thinks it's a nap?" And that is just so true. I made a gourmet dinner of macaroni and cheese, and after 20 minutes of catching up Michael is asleep on the couch per usual. Residency days are tired days all around right now. I promise next year I will make sugar cookies. And get a babysitter. But this year, my only goal is to try to stay awake long enough for This Is Us. It's not looking promising. #love

POST: Here's one of our earliest pictures together from the summer I met this sweet boy seven years ago. We hiked Mt. Sinai to see the sunrise with our BYU Jerusalem group -- I'm lucky he chose to sit by me that morning and that he keeps choosing me even still! Love you, Michael! #forevervalentine#daetwylerfamily

So very tired.

And abused. Moms, you feel me.

My friend Ami said it best: "Sandwich, open-faced."

Don't tell that I snuck a picture at church last week. But Westin loved this man so much, sat with him for the entire sacrament meeting, called him Papa, attempted repeatedly to stroke his hair, and kept giving me eyes that said "I'm so cool hanging with my friends, mom!" He hadn't been properly introduced before this experience, so... This was so entertaining to me.

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