Sunday, February 26, 2017

Finishing February

had his busiest week of work to date. We didn't see him from Wednesday morning at 6am until Friday night around 9pm, and he only slept 5 hours during that entire time. He had this weekend off so he caught up on some sleep and some projects. We have a new fire pit in our backyard thanks to him! Westin loves helping Michael with any yard work (i.e. playing in the back of the truck and cheering him on while he mows the lawn). Life is so much fun when Michael gets to be home with us.

went to my first two High Fitness classes this week and loved them! I'd rather do burpees to a Taylor Swift song in a room full of happy people than alone in my living room any day. Burpees are the worst. C-sections are the worst. I also worked on a talk for church this week and was asked to speak about this talk from Elder Holland. I loved having this talk on my mind all week. We stayed home more than usual while we solidify this potty training deal, but we did make a couple short successful trips out of the house. I'm also loving Fresno weather right now -- blossoms everywhere and big sunshine. I explained to Westin that we were experiencing his beloved "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" song and I think something started to click there. Maybe.

talks more and more all the time and his sentences crack me up. His favorite thing to do is cook with me in the kitchen. He had one accident on Monday and none since then! He cracked me up this week when he walked up to my friend Emily at the park and said "chicken nuggets?" Like he was suggesting we ditch playgroup and head to Chick-Fil-A. He loves a good trip to Chick-Fil-A with his people. He's obsessed with "The Belly Button" book right now so I apologize in advance if he walks up to you and asks to see your bee-bo. It sounds kind of alarming if you're not familiar with the book.

woke up for two feedings instead of three on Friday and Saturday night so I hope that's a new pattern.  I hope starting his day at 6:00am is not a new pattern though... He got a new Bumbo and feels pretty big and involved in that thing. He cracks up whenever Westin is in view, or when you tickle his neck or legs. I love his laugh so much. Babies are so joyful and sweet. Sometimes it simultaneously brings me so much joy while breaking my heart because it makes me just wish every baby in this world had a family that loves them in a country that was safe. Kids deserve everything. I'm so grateful for mine.

"Bye Mama!" Westin and Dad built a fire pit in our backyard while Bennett and I went on a grocery shopping date.

Oh sleep-deprived Michael.
Westin needs to be by him at all times when he's home so he has to sneak naps in during Super Why.

Westin LOVES helping me cook and I love it too. While we were waiting for our soup to cook in our new favorite toy (so much love for my Instant Pot!) he lined up all our chairs.

I'm not going to lie, Finding Dory really helped our dad-less week. No TV before 2 Bennett, turn around! ... whoops.

Lunches outside in February!

Westin is always so excited when he realizes he's wearing pants with pockets.

I have no idea how this picture happened but it's hilarious to me. 

New Bumbo for the baby! He loves it.

But he doesn't love anything like he loves his funny older Brother. 
Westin takes his role of binky-finder in this house very seriously. It's actually a super helpful job.

No babies were left unattended on the table in the making of this picture. Bennett arches out of everything so he always has me nervous. Maybe someday I'll tell you about my super guilty mom moment from this week involving Bennett and his squirming-out-of-things abilities. But not today.

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