Sunday, March 26, 2017

Back in Our Groove

is busy and had an awful Saturday being on call. But, on Friday, he randomly had a window in his day and told us to come eat lunch with him. It was great! We were at the zoo with friends, which was a great morning, then we booked it over to Michael's work to pick him up. We went to a Mediterranean place for lunch and Westin was super excited to see daddy. I took Michael back to work and Westin kept talking about daddy needing to go give people shots. He thinks that is Michael's full-time job and it cracks me up. Most kids want a band-aid for their ouchies, Westin always asks us to give him a shot. So we just kind of poke him and make a shot-like noise (?) and he seems happy with the result. Good thing dad's a doctor.

had friends over for lunch on Monday and our kids had fun running around our backyard. And eating rocks and throwing sticks at fences. I always feel like I need a swing set but then I watch kids perfectly entertain themselves outside with nothing and then I don't want one anymore. Back and forth. We went to the zoo for the first time since Christmas, and I loved meeting up with Michael afterward. I finally feel like we are back on our game of making plans and getting out. It felt like as soon as I got a handle on two kids, potty training turned things upside down. But we're back to a groove and it feels good. I also worked out before my kids woke up for the first time in my life this weekend. (Don't judge me, you people with a 5am routine.) Michael was on call Saturday and I was so sad to miss my High class, so I got online and found one that started at 6am so I could make it back in time. Bennett eats around 5:15 and goes back to sleep, so I hit my class and the grocery store before Michael was on call at 7am. I felt like superwoman, is this how you morning people feel all the time? I also got caught up on all but one editing project that I've had on my to do list for a while, so that's feeling good to get caught up.

is way more into playing with mom and dad than other kids (#oldestchildprobs) and I've been wanting to give him more opportunities to be with kids. When we are at our own house and kids come over, he does really well and loves being with them. When we head to another house or the park, though, it's a lot of "Come ON Mama!" His most used phrase of the week is "I'll help ya!" which usually involves pushing a chair over to see what you're doing. His cooking help has turned into mostly snacking on what I'm making, which is honestly maybe more helpful... And it cracks me up when he loves veggies and some other foods he wouldn't normally love on his plate if he feels like he's "sneaking" them while I cook. I left a bag of carrots by him while making soup, and normally at lunch he would never eat those without hummus. But while cooking he kept just snatching carrot after carrot and in reality we were both feeling pretty sneaky. I took him to a baptism with me for one of my primary kids and he was excited. We've been reading about Jesus getting baptized in the Friend and I saw his wheels turning and connecting the dots. He survived filling the font and staying for the baptism with lollipops and cookies... we try to keep sugar levels low around here, then shamelessly use it to our advantage when needed.

is so dang smiley. I love him so much! He's eating at midnight and 5am consistently and I love that schedule. He's still spitting up (when does this stop?) but growing and happy so it doesn't seem to faze him much. I think he loves sleeping in his own room so much. I want these boys to share a room at some point but we need to get Westin out of a crib and Bennett done with night feedings first I think. Bennett has also been taking really long naps so he's already only taking two sometimes in a day. Maybe he's in a growth spurt? I think his whole life has been one big growth spurt though? Babies. Who knows. He hasn't been in his swing in over a month and he's feeling way more grown up lately. Stay little Benny!

Grammy sent big boy underwear! And he just kept saying, "Oh, wow! Wow!"

Eggs Benedict is my favorite (savory) (and guilty pleasure) breakfast and sometimes I just crave it so much! So we had it for dinner this week, since I had left over Yum Yum Sauce that I posted about last week and decided to see if it could pass for a less-guilty Hollandaise. It was pretty good!

First wrestling match, documented.
Myth-busting: Westin IS wearing pants and Bennett IS enjoying it, despite how this picture may look.

Westin seemed so much older than when we went to the zoo over Christmas. They change so fast.

Westin's speech is pretty great, but he always says "Shif!" instead of "Fish" and it cracks me up.

Lunch date with daddy! Westin always insists on sitting on daddy's lap when we're out. Michael's a good sport.
"Uh oh, I made a mess on daddy's work clothes!"

When my parents left a few weeks ago, my dad handed me a paper bag of a few candy bars.
"These are for days you're down." Such a sweet dad. And yes, I eat my feelings. Don't judge.

IKEA Train: One of three toy purchases I've made for Westin, solid ROI.

Michael and I blew up some balloons for an at-home date activity that was in the sweet package someone sent us. The next morning Westin was SO excited to see balloons in the living room. This is how I found him when I got out of the shower when he was watching a show. Just hanging out with his friends.

Baptism by sugar.

Westin wasn't super into the Women's Broadcast.
He kept saying "All done?" so I can only imagine how next weekend will go down. 

Loves bath time. Desperately needs bath times. #rollsandrolls

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