Sunday, March 12, 2017

Playing Catch Up

didn't see Westin from Sunday morning to Thursday night, so that was a bummer. On Saturday he got home from the hospital around 8:30am instead of the expected 7:00am and we were all just so ready for him to be home with us for the weekend. We went with friends to pick oranges at a grove near our house Saturday afternoon. We've been surrounded by oranges lately and it's the best. On Saturday Michael took a nap when Westin did and whenever he slightly woke up he would just spout off residency-related nonsense to me and fall back asleep. "Ok yeah, send this to ENT..... What? Yeah I took a culture.... Ok let's take a picture of the patient, let's check on that...." and so on. My list of his  "almost asleep quotes" in my phone has grown a lot during residency. He also spent some of Saturday trying to fix our washing machine which broke that morning. That basically makes me want to declare a state of disaster over here, #firstworldproblems, but seriously you guys. Broken washing machine. This is not ok. Especially when you have a Bennett, who makes a mess of both his outfit and my outfit multiple times a day. When do babies grow out of spitting up? Oh laundry. The machine just stopped knowing how to agitate or spin, so if you are more knowledgeable about fixing that than Google is, hit us up.

got caught up on life this week before my parents left on Thursday. Hair cut, Michael's car serviced, the long overdue chicken pox vaccine I've been meaning to get for a while (long story), caught up on laundry, fridge and freezer full, errands checked off, baby clothes put away and 6-9 month clothes pulled out for Bennett (that kid!), etc. It felt so good. Also, I haven't eaten salmon for five years because it randomly started making me super sick every time I ate it. It was my favorite food and it's so good for you, so that was so very annoying. While my parents were here I decided to try it again, because I figure I might as well bargain for a night of throwing up if I know I have back up helpers around! So we had salmon for dinner and it was so delicious and happy. Then it was even happier when I didn't get sick! Favorite food, back on the menu over here. I have a new calling at church that feels out of my comfort zone -- I can happily teach Relief Society any day but doing Sharing Time has me all flustered. Figuring this out.

is doing great with potty training except for the parts that are not great. I'll spare you details. But overall I really am impressed with him. On Thursday we were driving to the park to meet friends and Westin said all on his own "Daddy at work today. I miss him." I didn't even know he knew the word "miss" and it kind of broke my heart, but we played at the park and cheered ourselves up. He had so much fun having grandma and grandpa here and after they left he kept asking when they were coming back home. They always get us donuts the morning they leave to make things a little less depressing and Westin was all about that. He loved when we fed the missionaries this week and just kept asking the Sisters if they have tummies and a belly button. His obsession with The Belly Button Book is going strong. He is also in love with my Instant Pot, and so am I.

hit five months but I haven't taken his little monthly photo yet. Always behind on those. He rolls like crazy, both ways. He's still being swaddled to sleep though, and I need to figure out how to wean him off that. He hates laying down when he's not wrapped up and just repeatedly pulls his own binky out of his mouth and then yells about it. Sooo we still swaddle. I moved him out of my room last night and even though I felt kind of guilty, everyone slept better. He's not sharing a room with Westin yet because Westin has yet to have any desire to vacate his crib. I sometimes tuck him into his toddler bed at night and then he says "Ok all done, sleep in crib!" So Bennett is still pack and playing it, now in our guest room. I'm ok with slow transitions up in here.

He loves to be sitting up so much.

Bedtime is way more fun with a grandma and grandpa in the mix.

Four inches gone.

Bennett and Grandpa were best friends this week.

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