Sunday, March 5, 2017

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa

This week has been so fun with my parents visiting. I'm grateful they don't mind making the 8.5 hour drive when we are missing them!

had Saturday off and it was the best! We had such a fun and busy day with him. He also successfully started our inaugural fire in our backyard fire pit and it was a success. We weren't entirely sure if this was allowed, but no fire trucks showed up so we called it a win. Honestly the situation would have been win-win because Westin would have been thrilled about the fire truck. Michael went with me to the temple on Saturday and it was fun to have some time with him. He also got some new plants at Home Depot this week, so, he's obviously thrilled about that. I need to do an updated count of the plants around here.

had the perfect day Saturday. I went to a High fitness class in the morning while the boys played with Michael and my parents. Then Michael and I took Westin on a date to the monthly Home Depot workshop where he painted a rain gauge. It was haaaard for me to let him paint that himself, oh man. I'm entering the phase of parenthood where I have to turn off perfectionism and let him do things his way and I couldn't help but laugh at how hard that felt. After that we loaded Westin up into our bike trailer and rode bikes to a group of Food Trucks that come around every Saturday. My parents drove there with Bennett and we all ate delicious Indian food, Mexican food, and pie. Then Michael and I hurried to make it to an afternoon session at the temple while my parents watched our kids. When we got home we started our first fire and had hot dogs and s'mores for dinner. If every day could be Saturday then that would be fine by me. I also gave Westin a haircut this week which is always an experience for us both.

is sooo happy to have grandma and grandpa around. He loves waking up and pointing to the room they're sleeping in and telling me "Grandma and Grandpa came home!" He also loved having some alone time with Michael and I on Saturday. I thought he might wonder where baby Bennett was or ask about him... nope. He had no problem at all with that situation. He was obsessed with the fire Saturday night. My favorite moment was when we handed him a marshmallow, and he threw it into the fire. I was confused why he would voluntarily do that with a treat (he's always wishing and hoping for a treat) and then he handed me his other marshmallow and I took a bite. His face looked shocked and I realized he didn't even know that these fluffy white things we handed him were food. He thought they were just one more thing to throw in the fire with the sticks, newspaper, and pine cones that were going down. I laughed and told him it was food, and he took a bite with wide eyes and was like, "oooh!" It's so fun to watch kids experience things for the first time, and it happens even when I'm not realizing it sometimes. He also learned the word "frustrated" this week and enjoys labeling when mom is feeling this emotion... I love this kid.

is so happy to be held by grandma and grandpa and to watch his brother any chance he gets. I sometimes feel guilty when I think about how much less one-on-one attention Bennett gets than Westin did as a baby, especially because Bennett's temperament seems so tender and loving and he soaks up attention like a happy sponge. So my heart is happier when grandparents are here or anyone who can help me give extra love and time to these two boys. He slept 5 hours once this week and I felt like a new woman, but we're back down to 3 tops. He's currently wearing his first pair of skinny jeans and it was no small accomplishment to get them on those thighs. Such a chunky, sweet boy.

New fire pit in action!

Bedtime stories are even better from grandparents.

Bike ride through the high school percussion competition.

Date with just daddy and mommy! Home Depot workshop making a rain gauge.

Michael's fingers are way too valuable to be handling this hammer with Westin... yikes.

These boys are wearing out grandpa but he says he likes it!

Big diapered baby, content in grandpa's arms whenever he's there.

The forever favorite book around here.

Bennett finished a feeding with my nursing cover somehow wrapped around him. It's a good look for him.

Haircut time!

The squirt bottle was used much more than was necessary. Grandpa came out just as wet as Westin.

He stares at the tigers on this outfit so much.

"No stroller, mama!"

Sometimes he looks like such a big boy and I just stare at him.

When you burn dinner this bad... don't feel guilty about cookies and milk as the second course.

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