Sunday, May 28, 2017

Here Comes the Sun

is starting to feel the effects of driving his '89 Chevy S10 to work each day with no AC. Oh Fresno, you are heating up. We aren't ready. He has been flying his remote control helicopter for Westin a lot and I don't know which one of them likes it more, honestly. He's such a fun dad. Westin is all about dad time. He took our family to clean the church on Saturday and it was fun, I am so slow to remember to do things like that with kids. I'm grateful for Michael and his priorities.

went to a girls night birthday party at the Cheesecake Factory this week, and had a baby shower for a friend at my house. It was fun to spend time with friends and celebrate happy things. Westin loved helping me make a chocolate cake for the party, and he especially loved rearranging our furniture and having a wide open kitchen. We ended up leaving it for an extra day and ate our meals picnic style on the ground, and having many dance parties in the open space. I've been gearing up for some long road trips and family time in our near future and I'm so grateful for plans that keep us going.

has started using his imagination so much. I love when he brings me his lego creations and tells me what they are. Sometimes I'm totally impressed with how his mind is putting them together and building what he sees. His favorite day is Wednesday because he's obsessed with the garbage man. Obsessed. He also keeps asking to go back to The Little Gym every time we get in the car. We had chocolate cake for breakfast one day after waving goodbye to dad and missing him. It's fun to have a little buddy to do things with. Chocolate cake for breakfast might feel a little depressing by yourself, but with your toddler it's a party.

is so incredibly sweet, and I know I always say that, but I cannot describe his sweetness. Something about his little disposition just melts my heart and I feel like he is such a special little soul. Just so pure and loving and I am so grateful for his presence in our family. He has been eating just once, sometimes twice, at night. He takes two, sometimes three, naps. He is content 95% of his life. He's more and more into food lately, though the overall amount he eats still seems so small. He's coming up on 8 months this next week. I can't believe that. I just had him! I'm soaking up this stage. I know that soon he'll be on the move and less content on the go and I'm just hanging on to sweet baby Bennett as long as I can.

When I'm in the kitchen it's not long before I hear a little voice say, "Oh, I'll help ya, mama. I'll help ya." Then he pushes a chair over by me and climbs on up. I love it.

Westin and Annie after one of their many Chick-Fil-A dates. These little buddies are so much fun to watch.

Bennett loves it SO much when anyone is down on his level. Party time.

He gives big, frequent, wet kisses and they're the sweetest thing.

My kids are hoosiers and they don't even remember Indiana. :(
 I'm kind of sad that Bennett won't even be able to say he was born in Indiana like Westin. 

Bath time is a party now. Thanks for the fun blow up tub, Shelley! Bennett kicks like crazy.

Ok, we're not even involved in this picture but my favorite people were in the same place this week
and I love them so, so much. 

Poor kid gets tickled so much. His laugh is too fun to hear, can't help it.

The dance-party ready kitchen.

"It's a fire truck, mama!" He has made some impressive garbage trucks too, and tractors. I love watching his mind work.

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