Monday, May 22, 2017

I Know I Can

was on call Saturday but he was able to be home for a lot of it. On Saturday night I woke up when Bennett was crying around 2am and went to feed him. I thought, "I'm so glad Michael is getting some sleep during a call night, that's so lucky." I went back to bed and laid down and realized he wasn't even there. I was so weirded out, and realized that I didn't wake up when he left, so I texted him and asked when he got called in... 11:45pm. I was exhausted and didn't even hear his beeper, his truck, the garage, nothing. Weird. Kind of creepy. Whatever. But, he was home Sunday and that was great. He's such a good dad and husband. Residency has really required me to learn to be in charge of my own happiness (which is a good thing for any situation), and then when Michael is around it feels like such a huge bonus and so happy.

had fun on Tuesday night this week when I got a babysitter and went to Cinderella with friends. Michael is rarely home in time to go to things like that, and I had almost bought tickets a couple times but figured it was too risky in case he didn't make it. Then early this week my friend told me she had an extra ticket and I was so excited to get out of the house and go see a show. I went on a couple runs with both kiddos in my stroller for the first time and those were actually really fun. I mean except for the running part. Just fun because Westin and Bennett both really loved it. Later in the week I was able to talk to one of my favorite BYU professors on the phone discuss a situation (regarding a certain letter from last week) and I really appreciated the talk we had. She will forever be someone that I love to learn from. Without going into detail, I just want to always remember the feeling I had this week of having no regrets despite certain outcomes, and feeling proud of voicing something truly important to me.

had fun skipping Bennett's morning nap on Friday and going to a class at The Little Gym close to our house. He loved it so much. We might need to sign him up for a round of classes this summer when it's too hot to do anything outside. He has always been a super cautious kid with any gross motor skill development, and I think this place might be good for him. He kept calling it Nursery and he loved being there. He started repeating the "I Know I Can" song with us this week and I love hearing that so much. There's a video of it at the end of this post. I love how Westin feels big bursts of emotions and then a few minutes later will look at you and say, "I cried." Just so matter of fact. He can be so sweet and so frustrating. Oh two-year-olds. I told him he should sleep in his big boy toddler bed so that Benny can come sleep in the same room in the crib. And he said, "No, baby can sleep there," as he pointed to the toddler bed. I said "No, baby needs a crib!" And he said, "No, baby has that." And pointed to the Pack n Play. Sorry Bennett, I don't see a successful eviction in the near future.

is a pro at sitting up and loves to have a better view at Westin these days. He's also super interested in Kitty lately. Today he sat on his own chair during Sacrament Meeting and he looked pretty pleased about it. Michael was there for constant back up, don't worry. Bennett just seems so tender and so sweet. He gives me such big open-mouthed kisses on my cheek all day and I just melt for him. To be honest I don't even know his night schedule right now. I don't look at my phone besides the time, I don't even open my eyes much during feedings, and I just do anything I can to help myself fall back asleep quickly. Some mornings I'm not even sure if I fed him once, twice, or three times. It's so different than what I was like with Westin. I mean it's not like I wrote down every feeding Westin had for a whole year, but ... oh wait, it's exactly like that. Times have changed. Babies are different. I'm different. It's all good. I love life with these boys.

Michael got 3 hours of sleep during his night on call this weekend, so this is Westin still managing to hang out with daddy even when Michael's exhausted. I'm just waiting for the day Westin is sick of Little Einstein's... ready to move on, guys. He loves it with all his heart.

The Little Gym

I've been re-watching some of The Wonder Years and I did a double take when they said this guy's name. He's a campaign manager for McGovern in Kevin's city during the '72 election. That show will always be a favorite of mine.


We spent our Wednesday getting our car fixed, 3.5 hours with these boys there is no joke but I was actually super impressed with both of them. We got a lot of walking distance errands done, and Westin loved seeing our Corolla up high. Except he was super worried when they took the wheels off and didn't seem too trusting of what was going down.

She sleeps in such funny ways sometimes. And once in a while I consider waking her up just because that's what she does to me at 5am, usually on days Bennett is sleeping well. Oh Kitty.

Not our most modest walk. Westin lives for rides on daddy's shoulders.
He'd eat toes if we let him.

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