Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distractedness, in Letters.

Dear Mom,

I thoroughly enjoyed walking you through the copy and paste process on my walk home from class yesterday. I even more thoroughly enjoyed your exclamation of surprise when you found success.

The Youngest


Dear Boston,

I miss your elderly Jewish people. And your 5-year-old Andrews. Your roads, parking, and angry drivers are not missed at all.

Please know that you are only borrowing my sister.

A Past and Future Visitor

Dear Job,
You're more fun than school. Please stop distracting me.
The New Girl
Dear Ali,
Thank you for keeping me updated on the elderly Jewish people of Boston. The Lillian stories make me laugh every time I think about them. Literally. In class, during church, walking home...instant laughter.
I told Boston that you're not permanent. Just sayin.
The Little Sister.

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