Monday, September 21, 2009

Other Side of the Pond

Man I missed these girls! And man they make me miss London. But we had fun catching up on Saturday. And eating a lot :)

Aw, I love them. I loved getting lost with them. And living with way too many of them in one room. And learning all their love stories within one week of knowing them. And figuring out that 4 months goes by way too fast with them.
Special shout out to Steph, my little U of U friend that I sometimes accidentally look for on campus. Sad. Ready for other news that made me completely love Saturday night?....

I found out my favorite English movie is coming to America! I had almost lost hope. Young Victoria is about my favorite queen (Victoria. The young one.), and I'm SO stoked it's coming to America. November 13th!! So for all of you out there who are kind of skeptical about all the Twilight business (you should be nodding, please be nodding...), you can be more excited for this. It comes out a week before New Moon and I will bet you a dollar that it's way better. Except I'm not supposed to make bets, so just agree to give me a dollar after you see this movie and that takes care of that.


  1. Maddie! I am so excited to see Young Victoria again to!!! I also agree that it will be better then New Moon :) Lets see each other again soon! Crepe night?


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