Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joy, Wrapped in Orange

I have a serious and meaningful relationship with Reese's. April to October is a hard part of the year, and I think we all know why. There are no holidays during this time that are worthy of a Reese's shape. If I was the Fourth of July, I'd be complaining. But now, thanks to the early timing of capitalism on Halloween, pumpkins are appearing on the shelves...
This is just the beginning. Once Halloween hits, that means it's pretty much Christmas time, yeah? So then the trees! These little things are the reason I love looking in my stocking every year. They're also why I try all kinds of trading techniques to get any that might be in the stockings of family members who don't appreciate them.
And then...the 2nd place winner of the holiday shape contest (did you know it was a contest?). Valentine's Day gets a lot crap, all that "marketing love" business. I've never known if I'm one to complain about that because I get blinded by the Reese's hearts. If this fake holiday means I get to stock up on these, then go ahead and cheapen love :)

And finally, the Reese's Egg. It's been close to my heart for a few years now. Out of all the Reese's, they hit the proportions just right with these little guys. I usually put together a pretty nice supply to get through the April-October drought...but don't ask how long that stash actually lasts.
Why am I posting about this? Maybe it's because I still turn to blogging over homework. Maybe I don't feel like holiday Reese's are getting the appreciation they deserve. Maybe it's because I ate a certain number of Reese's cups tonight that will not be revealed, so they're fresh on my mind.
Whatever the reason, go get a pumpkin. It'll make your day better.

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