Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Habits

Sunday felt wonderfully familiar! Back to the old routine. First, church in the good old 7th ward. There are some refreshingly constant older people in that ward that are always fun to see. Then home to play with the fam!

My dad is quite the storyteller. It was always a fun bonus to have a radio announcer do my bedtime stories at night, and I think Jaren enjoys it just as much. I'm just wondering when my dad is going to start reading him The Hobbit...I think he waited until I was about 18 months or something. Ok not quite, but it was pretty darn early in life.

The new little niece! Lydia and I have a pretty good time. Maybe I shouldn't speak for her...but I guess someone has to. She seems like she'll do a pretty good job of giving her own opinion soon enough, though. I think she already gives Jaren a look when he acts weird. Sisterly love is so natural.
Family them. And there's the impressive sunflower apron, product of my 8th grade sewing class. Sometimes I wonder if my mom only wears it when I'm home...but hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just happy it's still staying together, I have a struggling relationship with sewing.
I love my brother. And that banana chair. This picture is here just to prove that he grew to love the purple tie I bought him in London. Knew he'd come around...

And then, the all too familiar Sunday evening drive -- 3 hours of bonding with I-15. It's when I guiltlessly drink Dr. Pepper and contemplate life. Then that slight right onto the University Ave exit, and back to BYU! Still haven't seen Cosmo, but I'm keeping my eye out. I'm determined to date him before my Provo experience is over.

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