Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maybe I misjudged May. MAYbe.

You may remember how I feel about May.

I had my doubts again this year. May had a (typical) shaky start.

But I must say, the rest of the month sure did make up for it.

Why did I end up loving May? Let me just tell you.

REASON 1: Porta Parties.

You throw a mix on everyone's iPod, pick your preferred place, and dance. Our first one: the White House lawn. If Obama looked out his window, he had to have laughed.
Outside the White House - you just press play at the same time and you're good to go.

Jacqui! Sweetest girl ever.

 And to make it all a little more perfect, it rained on us the whole way home. I suggest everyone walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in the rain with good friends and good songs. Preferably John Mayer.

Rooftops work just as well as White House lawns. Stay tuned for future locations. 

REASON 2: The Temple

Third largest temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 

Bryndee and I discovered we have the exact same dating life. Good thing I love her or else I might miss my sense of individuality.

REASON 3: Love.

We helped Noah sweep his girl off her feet last weekend. She came to visit and he decided it was time they got themselves engaged.

We set up floating lights all over the tidal basin between the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument, then set up flowers on a cute bench while the cute couple went out to dinner.

Jeanie had nooo idea. It was the best. Even when the homeless man came out of the bushes and scared us all, it was still the best. Even when mosquitos bit me a million times. Still the best.

Magic makers. She said yes.

Gotta be honest though, it did not all go as planned. We spaced a bottle opener. David said smashing bottles of sparkling cider on the ground works just as well as any bottle opener.

But...then this happened to his finger.

Love is pain.

It was disgusting, people. All the brave people that could handle blood quickly took care of the situation. 

Lesson: Just bring a bottle opener.

REASON 4: Memorial Day

 We kicked off Memorial Day weekend by going to THIS Memorial Day concert on Sunday night. It was extremely momentous because I saw my very first FIREFLY!

Fireflies are about 72% of the reason I moved to DC. I have never ever seen one, and I just want to catch some in a mason jar very, very badly. 

I unintentionally tackled Jacqui when I saw the little guy because it was so exciting, but when I got to it I realized I didn't dare catch it. Even if a bug glows, it's still a gross bug. But brave bug people caught it and I just watched it glow for a while. They really do look electric! Better than I ever expected.

I will catch a jarful soon. 

 Summer starts when you bust out the watermelon. And apparently when temperatures reach 100 with 100% humidity.

The next day, Memorial Day, we went out to Arlington Cemetery for the memorial services.

Everyone got a flag, and a rose to place on a grave.

I gave mine to Edna. The name has a special place in my heart because of an Edna at Hebrew Rehab that I just loved.

Rumor had it that Obama wasn't coming to the service...

But then he did! I promise. But you have to just trust me because I could only take a picture from my phone, and you can't see him too well.  I brought my camera, just no memory card.

That's ok though, it was just the first time in my life that I saw the President speak in person.

Dang it.

REASON 5: Old Town Alexandria.

Cutest place ever.

 Perfect place for a Sunday walk.

I liked that they left the same year. I think that's a good deal. 

They have old flags and new flags and cute doorsteps. 

A trolley takes you to the boardwalk. What more do you need than trolleys and boardwalks?

You're right. Nothing. 

Boats. I want to watch a sunset here.

REASON 6: Learning that you actually can lick your elbow.

That's all that needs to be said for that one.

REASON 7: Philly!

 Funny tour guides with three-cornered hats.

 Valley Forge

George Washington 

Pierre, my french frog. Acorn hats look good on him. 

Lib Bell

Signing the Constitution 

Founding Fathers. Kind of creepy. 

West Philadelphia. Where Will was born and raised. And on the playground spent most of his days.

Delaware River

See, May did a pretty good job of redeeming itself. 

And I'm definitely stoked for June :)


  1. Loved this post Maddie. Made me jealous. Glad you are having a blast.

  2. Maddie! I love your summer adventures! What fun experiences!

  3. You are easily my most interesting cousin. Love reading your posts! Just don't tell Tyler and Jacob.


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