Friday, July 27, 2012

Something old, Something new

Meet Dean. He doesn't want his couches anymore, because he's moving up in the world.

And since we're just getting started in the world, it works out great!

So we loaded 'em up in the little truck, and headed home.

Sorry to everyone who drove behind us...
it just seemed better to go reeeeeeal slow.

And even BIGGER news from yesterday,
(don't go thinking couches aren't big news, our bums are happy happy happy)
Jenny had a BIRTHDAY!

Quite a monumental birthday actually, but maybe I'm not allowed to share details publicly?

But just know that she had one, and she's a wonderful, wonderful sister-in-law.
(and wife. and mom. and friend. and homemaker. and gardener. 
and listener. and baker. and teacher.

It was so fun to talk to her and both her kiddos on the phone yesterday.

We enjoyed hearing mid-sentence exclamations from her like,
"Why are we on my head?"
"Did you just rip the dragon's head off?"

She said that Lydia prayed that their November baby could come RIGHT NOW.
That girl is already a three-year-old mother at heart.

Jenny explained to her that that was not exactly a prayer you want to pray.

But who can blame her...we are all so excited for baby boy!

P.S. You should go and try THIS when you want something delicious. Parmesan cheese seems to be the common thread in all my favorite things to eat lately...whoops.

P.P.S. Um, have you seen my shoes? These guys seem to have been lost in the move. How does that even happen? 

Anyways, I miss them. Any information appreciated.

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