Thursday, July 26, 2012

Up and moved.

Coming to you live from Indiana. Woohoo!

After a road trip to Vegas 
(my parents are the best. They have been the victims of just so many road trips to the Vegas airport. I love them!)....

some quick bag rearranging 
(50-pound rule always gets me)...

A 3.5 hour flight in which I started that Harry Potter series again
(I bring in constants to get me through change, don't judge)...

I landed HERE. Indianapolis, Indiana. Home of school.

It's great! Hot, yes. But spread out and roomy and I feel like we live in the country.

That may be because I'm driving around a pickup for the first time in my life,
and I feel like only country music can be played in it.

Or Radio Disney.

Michael braved the floor for a couple weeks until our mattress came in the mail.

(Yeah, we ordered a mattress online. That's probably weird? But whatevs.)

Add that to the hand-me-down kitchen table from kind moving neighbors,
and we have furniture to our name!

We're thinking of adding couches to the picture once Craigslist cooperates.

Michael is busy at school every day, and I'm...trying to be busy every day too.

We've already done some curtain-hanging and laundry-shelf building, 
so we're feeling good about that.

And I've now officially entered full job-search mode,
with about 40+ applications out there and sparks of hope every time I see an email come in.
And usually it's from Groupon. Dang it.

And do you want to know a true confession? Like, a hurts-my-pride-to-admit-it confession?

I ran out of gas for the first time in my life.

And this comes at a time when I probably have nothing else to do in life BUT watch the gas gauge. 

Dang it again. That's what being un-busy does to you, people. 

When you go from a crazy hectic, full schedule that you love...
to a new place where you don't really HAVE a place yet,
it messes with your mind.

And you run out of gas.

But it's ok. I know that things will come together soon, 
and I'll feel just as settled here as anywhere else I've loved.

When I filed for my change of address, the Post Office sent me this happy little note.

Then I remembered that everything is great.


  1. Maddie! You guys are adorable. Yay for your new adventure. Also I'm glad you appreciate Radio Disney. Sometimes in Southern California I feel like it's either Mariachi Band music or Radio Disney. I go with the later. :)

  2. We miss you. However you are home when you and Michael are together.


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