Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trips and...Road Trips.

One of the best parts about our move to Indianapolis is that we are now just
THREE short hours from Michael's fam in Evansville.

It's always so much fun there.
We didn't even mind the drive down with no AC...
(thank you, frozen grapes.)

You may recognize these shoes from the very beginnings of my blogging days.
Yes, I bought these shoes in London, so yes, they are three years old.
And yes, I have washed them in Oxi Clean a million times, 
and no, I will never give them up.

And no, I did not really think you recognized the shoes. 

Isn't that sunset beautiful? Nothing is better than a road trip's sunset.

Except maybe a sunrise.
We filled our family time with a pancake breakfast over the fire,
horse rides, camel/ostrich/horse races at the 4H fair (true story), swimming,
barbecuing, mosquito bites (22), chasing nieces and nephews,
being chased by nieces and nephews, great lessons at church,
and just catching up with each other.

Michael's dad turns wood, and he's got some serious talent. 
He made us this beautiful salad bowl out of cherry wood. Isn't it perfect?
I love that it's just right for a salad for two.

Tomorrow is the beginning of an even BIGGER road trip.

In fact, the biggest I've ever taken. And you know I love road trips

I leave bright and early (even though I haven't started packing...)
to see my sister in Boston one last time.

Then, she's moving out to Utah to start her grad program next month.

We're going to drive back to Cedar, southern style...
it will do great things for my job search.

Ok, unfortunately false. But it WILL do great things for memories.

Bring on the miles.

I'll keep you posted from the road!

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  1. I DID actually recognize those shoes and wondered if they were the same ones. Thanks for the update :)


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