Thursday, February 7, 2013

Change Up In Here

Confession time: After a life of faithful hair trims every 6 weeks, the last time I cut my hair was in MARCH. Pre-wedding. Pre-Indiana. Pre-letting myself go. Just kidding. (No "letting ourselves go" around here - we actually both weigh the same after almost a year of marriage. I feel good about that, except for the Michael part. I think that maybe makes me look bad. See last post: proof I feed my husband.)

So last week, I finally decided it was time. As in, 8 months overdue. Before I went, I had my hair dresser/dance coach in Utah talk me into a change...

And with just a couple snips (right in front of my eyes, mind you. It was a little dramatic for a second), my forehead is gone. Bangs are back in my life, people. It has been a while. As you can see, they were a big part of me back in the day.
So now I kind of feel like I'm channeling my 7-year-old self. Hopefully just the good parts. Does cutting your hair make you nervous? I used to be a pro at it, you could talk me into anything when I was growing up. But ever since I grew it out, it seems like hair cuts just get scarier. Thanks for giving me the final push, Summer!

So, any suggestions for my haircut next February?



  1. The haircut looks fantastic. As does the pairing of stripes and animal print.

    And oh my gosh. My boy keeps losing weight now that I feed him. I swear I make him dinner. Really.

  2. Dude, I loooooove the bangs. Seriously, you rock them. I wish I could, but I look majorly Asian, which is not a good look for me.

  3. Girlfriend. You are rockin those bangs! Love it so much.

  4. Can you put up some pics of you re-enacting those childhood poses and faces? Please?

  5. haha...Evan saw the pictures of you as a kid and he said, "She's really pretty! Can we go over to her house and play?"

    Haha...I love my boy! He's gonna be such a ladies man. He has good taste :)

    The bangs are so cute...let's bring 'em back, baby!


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