Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday

I finally experienced my first Midwest ice storm. Do you see those inches of ice all over the car? Luckily our apartment complex laid out pounds and pounds and pounds of salt throughout our roads - totally necessary.

Ice is pretty. Driving on ice, not so much. Luckily Michael is the official driver of this carpool, and he's got experience with this Midwest weather. I just trust my life in his hands and eat my honey nut cheerios on the way to work. Every day. Because every day, I wake up too late to eat breakfast at home. Sigh.

The sun didn't even come out to help the whole day, and the buildings downtown disappeared into the sky. It.was.chilly. And it was wet. And it was the final sign that I am more than ready for spring. Who's with me?

This weekend we babysat some of the cute kids in our neighborhood. This little guy always brightens your day - he thinks everything you do is hilarious, and he has the best laugh. You leave his presence with like 40% more self esteem than what you started with. Michael even got to put his developing dental skills to the test. We got one out of the two kids to brush, so 50/50 and only improving :) He's off to a good start.
Sunday night I found myself with a huge bowl of popcorn and the Oscars. I didn't plan that, but obviously my subconscious did, because it just happened. And I didn't fight it. I thought we'd make a party out of it, but to one side I had a studying husband, and on the other side, well....I don't think our little cat was too into it. She attempted to cover her eyes and ears at the same time while taking a nap. 

Fair enough, kitty. Hollywood is weird.
(And yes, I finished the entire bowl of popcorn by myself. Every piece. So it was still a party in my book.)

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Here's a little thought to leave you with, from one of my all time favorite authors. I read Matilda over 10 times in third grade. Actually, I wrote Roald Dahl a letter in third grade, too. We were supposed to write a note to our favorite author, and ask them questions. No one told me dear Mr. Roald Dahl had actually long since passed away.....whoops. When I finally complained to my dad that other kids were getting letters back, he asked who I wrote to, and kindly broke the news to me. Tough love.

His quote here is so true, and just something I've been thinking about lately. The loveliest people I know seem to be the people who only say good things. I'm guessing a big part of that is their good thoughts. 

And these February Mondays could always use some sunbeams, right?

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  1. I'd like this post if I could. Ice... crazy! Thomas... cute as can be! Oscars... with a cat....

    The end.



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