Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy 4th!

showed me pictures this week of an ear he stitched back together, and a head wound he stitched as well. The before and afters were so crazy to me. He is learning so much. As of July he has started a new Plastics rotation. I just asked him about his week and he said, "I don't know... there were a lot of boobs. And open wounds." So, there's that. He's been busy with a bunch of online trainings he has to do for work. They're life support simulations of taking care of patients, and when the monitors beep or things get bad I feel stressed out, which tells you that I seriously could not do what Michael does. During one of the simulations this morning he said over some beeping "Pretty sure this patient is going to die... The next video I have to watch is called coping with death." My degree in Communications feels worlds apart from his medical life. He was on call Saturday and it was his worst/busiest call day yet. His stories are all so crazy and some are such sad situations that bum me out. And also make me want to keep my boys home 24/7. But then some patients get hurt at home too, so it all just leaves me like.... [hands up - shoulder shrug] -- that was me not knowing how to write without emojis anymore, which brings me to...

started writing a new post series this week. When I make myself write more I am significantly happier. It's just good for me, and I'm excited about doing it more beyond these weekly spotlight posts. I got a babysitter for my boys Saturday morning and went to the temple with a friend. I need to get babysitters more. Temple time, dates, High classes... I need more of these things in my life. I loved keeping the boys up on the Fourth of July and showing them fireworks at the Fresno Grizzlies baseball game. We went with James and Jamie and their cute little Finley. That's the first thing we've done in downtown Fresno as a family. I kept thinking we were going to get shot. This is because Michael sees most everyone who gets shot in downtown Fresno. Like I said, residency may make me a cautious homebody. I had my first migraine in over a year on Friday and it was so awful. I don't get any headaches at all when I'm pregnant, or in my first few months of nursing. But after that, it's back to a few headaches a month and a few migraines a year. They are killer and I'm so sad they're back. Poor Westin had a miserable day because of it. After rounds and rounds of extra strength Excedrin I was wide awake until 3am that night, but worth it to have the migraine gone!

makes me laugh and cry. Toddlers! He has developed a super angry side and I don't know how to parent it. Mostly directed at his toys...but, sometimes me. Still, when he's yelling at his Legos for not cooperating or yelling at me for not letting him watch a show, it makes me equally grumpy. He also has a super sweet side though and I know toddlers are just learning to experience and manage a whole spectrum of emotions. He swallowed a little felt ball this week and it was weird/scary/hilarious/sad/mostly weird. He hasn't put something in his mouth in ages but suddenly he called for me after he went to bed one night, I went in, and right then he choked a little then swallowed hard and I knew immediately what he'd done. He was so sad and just kept asking where it was. Crazy kid. He's over the heat as much as I am. I told him, "Let's go out back and water daddy's plants, bud" and he said, "No, I'm staying inside. It's too hot to water plants." It really is too hot to water plants. But that's when you have to water plants the most. Oh, Fresno.

has a new little front tooth, and the other one seems close behind. It made for one sad night, but that's really all. He hit 9 months this week, so stranger danger is supposedly on its way but he hasn't shown any signs yet. He gets super sad when you leave the room and don't take him, but he loves attention from anyone still. I gave him a sippy cup for the first time today and he instantly loved it and went to town. His kisses are my favorite thing. He's in 12-month clothes and they make him look like a little man and it really makes me sad. He fell asleep on Michael at church today and it melted my heart when I saw them. He rarely cries before taking a nap, doesn't cry when I have to keep him awake a little too long, and it blew my mind that he fell asleep on Michael at church. I just remember feeling so much stress in my life when it came to Westin and his naps. I think Bennett is different, and I've changed some too, and the combination has resulted in just SO much less stress when it comes to sleeping and routines for this sweet second baby. I love watching him interact more and more with Westin. He just laughs and acts thrilled with any attention his brother sends his way, positive or negative. Oh Bennett, I'm obsessed with you. Your straight-line smile gives me such peace.
So much joy in this chubby body.

Making brownies! 

Sippy cup natural, this kid needs water on our hot summer days so this made me happy.

He was just laughing, laughing at Kitty. He gets so happy when he sees her.

More Kitty time. He figured out if he pulled the blanket over then he could reach her, and he was sooo proud of this discovery. Then she gave him his first swat, and he just laughed at that, too.

"Turn your head, baby Bennett! Say cheese!"
Sometimes we make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner when dad doesn't come home. Gotta cheer ourselves up sometimes.

Michael went to the library after work to study, and I knew this was going to happen... so I gave him 30 minutes of napping past when he said he would leave, then I texted him to wake him up. This made me laugh.

"Mom, come see my garbage men!" I love Westin's Lego creations. And on Wednesdays he has to run outside holding one of these garbage men every time the garbage man drives down our street. Which is six times, when you count all three types of trash cans and both sides of the street. It's his favorite day of the week.

So proud of himself after catching his cat. But then she ran away.

Baseball time! It felt very appropriate to be there on the Fourth of July. Westin loved dancing to the music and just smothering his dad, as he usually does when dad is around. Dads are the best.

Not the most successful family Fourth of July selfie, but it's the best we got.

Stealing dad's seat when he was off getting us tacos at the game. For like, an hour. #tacotuesdayprobs

I got out our 12-month clothes for Bennett and this sweater Westin lived in had a binky in the pocket. So appropriate, you guys. He was always packing. Man, I feel like he just barely wore these clothes.

Mid-sneeze, nailed it.

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