Sunday, July 16, 2017

Water Week

had some more time at home than usual this week because of some training that didn't take his full day, and that was great. He met us at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday where were were dressed as cows for free food. I lent him my ears and spots so he could get in on that, too. Then later that night we all went to 7-Eleven for free slurpie day. We drove around after while waiting for the BYU 50 box to drop somewhere in Fresno, but we didn't win. Next year! He also was a first-time-pro at surfing this week when we went out boating with some residency friends. He did such a good job! And being out on the water with friends was so much fun. We keep talking about it. He also started a new calling at church today as the finance clerk in our ward, and I think he'll really like that.

was not as naturally talented in the surfing department, but I loved trying! I thought it was so much fun. Summer has me in a funk because I do not know how people live in 110 degree weather. Well, they live in their pool probably, but swimming with a toddler and a baby doesn't exactly sound like making life easier to me. I can do that once a week, but then I'm back to searching for indoor fun and dreaming of fall. I put my kids to bed at 6:30 tonight before sitting down to write this, so that tells you how my Sunday afternoon has felt. Michael had to leave for a work thing after we got home from church, and no-nap Westin is very different from the Westin I have fun hanging out with. So, the week started fine, moved to a fun-filled middle, and ended super grumpy. Soo... tomorrow's a new day. And Tuesday is $0.59 pancake stacks at IHOP. Apparently free and cheap food is what gives structure to my weeks? Feeling classy.

liked riding on the boat with friends this week but was freaked out about swimming in the water. He has recently become super scared of water touching his face, out of no where. But then he saw the tube and was all about "riding the donut!" so he went on it with Michael and me. We fell in pretty quick on our first go and he seemed pretty traumatized, but after forcing him into a second try he started loving it after that. He also really liked watching dad surf, and he liked dressing up as a cow for his kids meal at Chick-fil-A. He kept mooing while he was in line and that was the highlight of the experience for me. He's also recently become obsessed with chocolate milk and I'm grateful for an excuse to make it way more than normal these days. He also went to a "day camp" two mornings this week that a girl in my ward put together. He loved it so much -- gathering eggs from their chickens, sprinkler time, visiting her grandparents that he's obsessed with from church, and playing with friends. I think this kid might be ready for preschool earlier than I have been planning on. We'll see.

needs to sleep through the night... he's so big. And almost 10 months. It's time. But I cannot let that little person cry. He's such an angel, and rarely sad, so the thought of just letting him cry breaks my heart. He didn't even make a peep on our boat ride, not even when we put a life jacket on him or held him for a couple hours past his bedtime. Didn't cry a single tear when all three of us left him with friends to get on the tube, or when he watched us tumble into the water. The kid is just happy. He has a doctor's appointment this week, so it's always fun to get the official weigh-in on that boy. Such a chubby guy, and I love him.

I don't know why they eat their toes, but I love it.


Saturday with my boys. I feel more outnumbered around here the older these boys get, but I feel lucky they are mine!

He loves reading "The Boat Book" (illustrated Book of Mormon with Nephi's boat on the cover) and the Friend book (Friend Magazine) when Bennett takes his morning nap. It's the longest he'll lay with us on the couch so it's usually my favorite time of day with him.

We love playing with Finley Jo!

These three ate dinner in complete silence for the first few minutes while staring at each other. It was hilariously awkward.

Splash pad time! Survival in Fresno.

Sometimes he watches TV like a teenager and I feel amused and sad.

Sleeping babies have my heart.

Millerton Lake is just about 20 minutes from our house. Michael's coworker took a few residents and families out on his family's boat and it was so nice of him. We had a blast.

This was Michael's first time surfing behind a boat and he was a pro!

Family tubing adventure. The first go did not end well. But by the second run, Westin was really into "riding on the donut".

Free slurpie day!

Annnnd free Chick-fil-A day on the same day. 

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