Sunday, July 23, 2017

Oh, Fresno.

went to our Stake Pioneer Day party with us on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. Breakfast, blow up slides, live music, a photo booth, popcorn and snow cones and cotton candy, booth games, etc. Our kids have been waking up at 5:15-5:30 all week which is... the worst. And the party started at 8:00 on Saturday morning, so we decided to go to the store before and pick up new tires for the kids' bike trailer. While we were there I said, "Never have I had to kill time before an 8 a.m. Saturday church activity. What has life become." He fixed up the bike trailer and we're ready for rides again! On Saturday Michael was putting Westin down for a nap, and Westin kept asking for more books. Michael was falling asleep reading to him and I kept nudging him awake. Then Westin said, "Can I sleep in the living room instead?" and Michael said he could lay on our rug for 10 seconds and then nap time. So Michael counted, "Ten, Nine, Eight... " and then I figured he was counting the rest in his head. But then I looked over and he was out. After 10 seconds I said, "Michael -- he needs to go take his nap now." He acted startled and said, "Oh.. did I get to 1?" No, Michael. Seven. You got to seven. He literally fell asleep in three seconds, while counting those three seconds. #residentlife
But also, #michael.

had an emotional week. One of my best friends from BYU lives here in Fresno with us and she is unexpectedly moving to Southern California in just a few weeks. My whole day was teary after finding that out and I just keep coming back to thinking about that since I found out her news. I'm happy for her family and excited for their big changes, but I am so incredibly sad to not live close to her anymore. My other good friend here is moving to Utah around the same time. Fresno is starting to feel a lot more lonely. I also put too much thought into "make it through the first year" of residency, and now that we're on the other side of that and things are still almost just as busy, I feel like I kind of lost a lot of physical and emotional energy. I just need to focus on good things and get out of this rough patch. Honestly, this week felt so sad and I'm happy it's over.

told me to "clean up your tears, please" pretty often this week, and really wants to go to playgrounds lately no matter how hot it is outside. I was a mess Thursday after finding out my friend is moving, but he wanted to go play so bad. I was kind of envious at how resilient and positive and happy kids can be if we just give them the simplest things in life. I just need to be happy with him. We ended up going to the playground in a sorry state and I was glad he got us out of the house. He loved helping out with Bennett's doctor appointment on Friday. And honestly, he was a huge help when Bennett ate a band-aid off his tiny finger and no one noticed but Westin.. whoops. Good job, big brother. His early, early mornings are a struggle right now. And screen time turns him instantly grumpy so I think I need to completely cut it out of his life. You guys. I am not that strong.

had his 9-month check up and is growing like a champ. He has "slimmed down" to the 75th percentile for weight at 22 pounds 10 oz., but those are my doctor's words and not mine. His height is still 95th percentile and his head size is 99th. For further evidence of this, see his attempts to crawl in the video at the end of this post. It's a lot of work for him to be in charge of getting all that cuteness to move. He has been eating a lot lately, more than Westin. Westin used to eat more than me at almost every meal -- for sure breakfast and lunch, sometimes even dinner too. But now he has slowed down a ton, and Bennett usually finishes his food. I already have fears about their teenage years and the subsequent grocery shopping and cooking. But I also love, love, love watching them start to "wrestle" and roll around together and laugh and laugh. That is only going to get better and better as these sweet brothers grow.

Saturday morning at our Stake party celebrating Pioneer Day. These boys love cotton candy.

The top picture of Bennett kills me.

Westin loved going inside a fire truck, and hung out around it the entire time it was at the party. When it drove away he chased it for as long as he could keep up.

The crossed ankles. The lines for wrists. Those thighs.

Friday night at the park watching tiny football players. Someday he'll be mad at me when he learns he's not allowed to play that sport...

He loves "snugging a daddy shirt" these days. 
Home gym.

We met friends for lunch and Westin was so excited to get there the same time as a garbage man, and watch them unload all the dumpsters in a parking lot. They always honk and wave when they see their little fan, and it's so sweet.

My helper at Bennett's 9-month check up.

Pet store trip. No purchases were made.

Westin keeps talking about this "skinny pig" that he got to pet. It was so nice of the employee there to take out the guinea pig and introduce us.

Another daddy shirt.

I had to wake him up from his nap one day after 3.5 hours. So sweet.

We are struggling to know what to do in this summer heat, guys. Pinterest for the win here.

My errand buddies. I love them so much.

Bennett learning to crawl... such a positive attitude despite the face plants! Sweet boy.

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