Saturday, July 23, 2011


This weekend the PR girls of the Barlow paid a visit to the National Press Club.

On the left, the club member that put the tour together for us.
Next, Cardell & his wife. He teaches the political science classes at the Barlow this semester.
Then Haley & Janet, my PR friends.
Next to me is Sister Sowby, half of the wonderful missionary couple assigned to the Barlow Center here in DC.
And the far right is Gill, a former president of the press club who gave us the tour.

This is the view from the upper floor of the press club. 
Recognize anything?

Two buildings away is the east side of the White House.

As Gill put it,
"The club is just a stone's throw from the White House. And we provide the stones."

I will forever love the love/hate relationship between media and, well, everything.

On the way home the Sowby's took us to the New York Ave Presbyterian Church,
and we saw an original draft of the Emancipation Proclamation.

It's hard for me to comprehend the reality of pieces of history.
But, you can't lie in church, so this is has to be the real deal.

Guess whose pew we are sitting in...
I'm just going to tell you. Abraham Lincoln's!

That's cool, right? He attended church here and sat on that very bench.
I'm glad Mormons aren't the only people that enjoy consistency in their meeting seating.

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