Monday, July 25, 2011

Life on L Street

 These are my roommates.

Yep, all of them.

Ok, minus the missionaries & professor+spouse. But they're around a lot too.

I love them.

It (unexpectedly) hit me tonight, during our very entertaining Barlow Center variety show,
that these bright people are my last fellow BYU adventurers.

They'll go on adventuring. I will too. But I'm guessing we won't all live together again.

I had a roommate once that told me she felt like she went through life collecting people.

Every stage/semester/day of life brings you people to meet,
and learn about, 
and love,
and usually miss.

But collecting them is always worth it. 

It's kind of a snowball effect -- you just roll through life getting a bigger heart,
 and a bigger list of people you love,
and a bigger list of people you want to catch up with,
and a bigger list of memories you laugh out loud about...

...I'd roll with these guys any day.


  1. AHH that looks so fun and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I know a few people from that group and they're pretty great so I'm sure you guys had a blast!


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