Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dessert First

Bless you, Twitter.

Every day the delicious bakeries and ice creameries of Georgetown tweet special "code words."

You walk in. You whisper said code word. You receive free deliciousness. You embrace the excess calories.

First stop today: Georgetown cupcakes, of TLC's "DC Cupcakes" fame.

"Chocolate mint crunch," Rachel whispered. Then Sarah. Then Amanda. Then Maddie. Then David.

I don't think businesses around here love the Barlow students too much.

 Next stop: Good old Ben & Jerry's.

Walk in, pass the motion-sensored cow that moos, whisper "milk & cookies," leave with a very summery treat.

Sprinkles cupcakes. Stop #3. Don't judge us.

I'm in love with these cupcakes. True, true love.

It's time to leave DC before I officially turn this into a food blog.


  1. You should have invited LaShawnda into stop #3. If you can get her off the phone.

  2. SO FUN! Got to love the FREE cupcakes! Guess what! Salty Carmel is back for a limited time. I, of course, got one today!

  3. More like dessert ONLY! :) Haha love this post! And DO GLAD SALTED CARAMEL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!


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