Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My LAST Field Trip. Ever.

Isn't that the saddest blog post title you have ever read?

The truth hit me hard when I started this post.
Our trip out to Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg last week really was my last field trip.

Ok, as a student.
You get to go with your kids on fun field trips, right?

Enough sad stuff, look how much fun we had!

Harper's Ferry is beautiful. AND it's in West Virginia. State #32, people!
I recently learned that I need to hit all 50 before I turn 25,
because Ali is trying to hit 50 in the next 3 years.
I don't want to be left behind.

Just 18 to go...

Look how much fun they're having! We were incredibly jealous.
They're just tubing down the Potomac, then meeting up with the Shenandoah. 

West Virginia is SO beautiful. I could live there.

We were wishing for our swimsuits...but this was almost as good.

Except for Jon and Sean. They needed the full experience.

This was right before they both surrendered and just got completely wet.

We made friends with a guy that was hanging out on a little island in the middle.

When I told him I was from Utah, he said, "Are you guys Mormons? 
I mean...I can definitely tell those two out there are Mormons, but are the rest of you too?"

Then we laughed at Jon and Sean a little more.

I love how green it is, but is it worth the humidity?
Still deciding.

I like trains.

Miss Jacqui Bird! This is the Gettysburg Battlefield, full of monuments and history. 
This picture is very appropriate because Jacqui's smart pretty head is also full of history. 
And someday she will teach it.

Red barns. 
On my church history trip last fall they taught me that red barns are red because they were painted with ox blood.
That was the cheapest color of paint to make. You painted yellow barns if you were rich.
I kind of wish I never learned that?
Blood is gross.

We climbed a tower. And this is what we saw.
I love mountains, don't get me wrong...but I love it here too.

This is Sean shooting a Canon. On a cannon.

And this. This is David Sentman's focused, focused face. Notice that he is about to finish that nugget.
One of forty that he finished that day.
Alex, on the left, challenged David to a nugget-eating contest.
David won.

I am still amazed.

And that, my friends, was my very last field trip.
Didn't even cross my mind during the day. It was too much fun.
I know I'll miss being a student in the fall when 92% of my friends are back on campus with backpacks and books and class schedules and...other student-ish things I won't have anymore.
But I'm excited for my next chapter. Whatever it is :)

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  1. Maddie Miner. You are so cute and funny. I just miss you. It sounds like you're having quite the adventure and I am so happy you get to have it. xoxo


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