Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is great.

Everyone focuses on how much they have to be grateful for,
and eats a lot of food. What's not to love?

This was my first Indiana Thanksgiving,
and we had so much fun in Evansville.

We rode Michael's horses a couple times, 
did you remember he's a cowboy?

His family has some land close to his house,
where they ride horses, have bonfires, grow HUGE sweet potatoes 
(think at least four times bigger than what you're probably thinking),
and lots of other good stuff. We have such a good time there.

They have some chickens in his backyard,
much to little Jocelyn and Madeline's delight.

They got right in there with those chickens. 
I don't know how the chickens felt about it,
but the girls had a blast.

We went to a circus on Saturday - look at those elephants!
They are adorable. And huge.
The monkeys were great. Most of the stunt acts gave me extreme stress,
and I just kept wondering who all those performers' mothers are.

They should never watch the circus. 
I already dread the thought of my boys playing football...
now I see there is so much more to fear.

The trapeze act was incredible. Can you imagine growing up in that kind of lifestyle?
There were a few families in the acts that performed together.

We went to pick out a Christmas tree for Michael's parents,
it was such a cute place. They even had a machine to shake off all the dead pine needles,
before they send your tree home with you.
They said they had to "make sure the tree can dance" before they let you buy it.

And they had hot chocolate. 
Everything is better with hot (or cold, or lukewarm, or any kind of) chocolate.

The break went by way too fast,
we always love being in Evansville.
Michael's parents are so nice to us, and to everyone.

Now, we're back in Indy and back in the routine.
We did some Wii bowling to see who had to do the dishes,
to soften the blow for at least one of us.

Two points, people. Two points. Sigh.

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  1. Maddie!!!! You are so sweet! I think I had heard you guys were in dental school or that your husband got in from Kendra!!! Isn't it so much fun?! Busy but fun. haha What's funny is Marc got into Indiana but we decided on Creighton. We could have been neighbors! Haha you guys are so cute together and you never cease to be the adventurous fun maddie I know! Im so glad you found my blog now I can see all the adventures you guys have!! Glad you have some family close by. :)


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