Sunday, November 4, 2012

More to Love

Being an aunt is the best.

Jaren was born just after I graduated high school,
and we were all obsessed with him.

He rarely spit up, but he did almost every time I held him.
I didn't care, he was still my favorite nephew.

Then a couple years later, little miss Lydia came!
I was living with Ali in Boston at the time,
and Lydia was born the day our church burned down.
Big day all around.

Loved her. She quickly became my favorite niece.

Then, I met Michael Daetwyler.
He told me fun stories about all his cute nieces and nephews while we were in Jerusalem.

Little did I know... 
(but maybe not so little?) 
that they would become my nieces and nephews, too!

Marriage has a lot of bonuses,
and sharing everything with someone is just fun.
Sharing family tops the list.

This week, we have a new addition to the list we love!
 Meet little Lewis Miner!
He debuted early early on November 2nd.

He beat the family record (previously held by Alison Miner) of fastest entry into mortality.
Jenny felt her first contraction at 12:20 AM, and was holding Lewis at 1:39 AM.

The nurses joked that Logan would have to catch their next kid!
Except they weren't joking at all...
I love this family. So so much.

We can't wait to meet him at Christmas time!

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  1. Yay maddie! I remember your obsession with newborn jaren! Love the new little cutie!


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